Sunday, August 5, 2018

Painted Rocks

Living in southern Oregon during the summer is amazing. There are so many things to go out and do, and my family loves to camp and be outdoors.

However there is a huge downside. We live in a valley near northern California and we get the worst of both states. The wildfires this summer have been pretty horrible. I have read that we have the worst air quality in the US. There are days that we should not be outside at all. We have taken a few trips out of the area to try and get away, but of course that costs money. This is what we deal with almost every day.

One way my daughter and I pass the time indoors is by painting rocks. As educators you may have heard of the The Kindness Rocks Project or even Peace Rocks. (See links for more information)

We prefer to "hide" the rocks in places that people will come across them unexpectedly, and it's fun to find them! Some groups and cities have Take 1 Leave 1 stations that can be used as well. Either way we enjoy the time together painting as well as coming up with different ideas for the rocks. 

Another thing we did is join a FB group in order to track the journey of our rocks...there are tons of them! When we find one with a group written on them we try to post those as well. We came up with our own hashtag to follow their paths. Here are some of the rocks we have painted. Our group is Rogue Valley Painted Rocks #RVPR and our family hashtag is #FALKRKS. 

Has your school painted rocks, maybe made a kindness rock garden? Have you painted rocks?