Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Game Changer!

One month done!

That went by so fast! I have been busy attending different professional developments/conferences, and can’t wait to share all the great things with my teachers.

The most recent PD was with the Oregon Ed Tech Cadre. TONS of takeaways, but I think my favorite thing was time to actually play with different apps and programs I just haven’t had the time to learn and/or spend time in.

I will say I have really stayed away from taking notes and such on my iPad. The reason being is that I love to hand write my notes. I am a self proclaimed note nerd and I always say I was “sketch noting” before it was really a thing. I thought I found the answer to my hand note taking skills and love a technology...the Rocketbook! I LOVE it! If you haven’t hear of it before click to picture below and learn more.
Image result for rocketbook

It took me some time to get use to the different pens (having to be erasable and a particular brand). But once I did, I really loved the results. Here are a few of my notes.

That being said I pushed myself out of my comfort zone for this conference, and decided to embrace my iPad. I am so lucky that our district bought Logitech Crayons for the staff...GAME CHANGER!

Image result for logitech crayon

I knew the reason I steered away from taking notes or drawing on my iPad had to do with the bulky stylus and I couldn’t afford to get an Apple Pencil.  NOW...I LOVE MY CRAYON! Here are a few of the sketch notes I took during my conference.

Like I said...GAME CHANGER! I even took sketch notes on two of my classroom visits today.

If you are looking for an alternative to an Apple Pencil you should try the Logitech Crayon....works just the same and half the cost.

...Rocketbook for Sale!