Friday, August 5, 2011

Finally, my classroom reveal!

Okay, so I feel as though I have not had much of a life the past week. I have been working and working on my classroom and still feel as though I have a ton to do! Now, the majority of it is finished (there are still a few small things to do, but they can be done after the first day of school) I thought I would share. For those of you who don't work for my school system, we have a very strict fire marshall (so not a lot on the walls and NO hanging things from the ceiling, including kids) also the county decided that teachers could not have lamps in their classrooms; as part of the budget cuts...I really really miss my lamps! First the BIG picture, and then I will take you through some of my favorite parts. Drum roll please......

Most of the classroom
Other side of the room view, classroom library and storage

Small group meeting area, other than the floor

My desk area, still a work in progress though

Now for some close ups!

Some of my buckets in use! LOVE these!

My listening center. I hot glued the top of the ribbon to the
 wall, attached name tag clips to the headphones
(they snap on), and then clipped them to the ribbon

My behavior management system, and work folders. Click here to read all about it.

The sign I made (sayings from Pinterest).
Tutorial soon to come!

My bulletin boards. On the left are my prefix, suffix, root word trees (we add leaves to each "root" tree).
Next are my famous Americans with their character traits, for Social Studies.
Then my calendar and homework board, and finally schedules (will change as school year progresses)

Close up of Calendar and Homework. Homework white boards from Walmart,
Calendar from Target

Made these magnets and LOVE them, tutorial soon to come...easy and fun!

Where my students hang their hats from AR

More of my buckets in use, on my white board

Student organization center. Book boxes (IKEA), notebooks, and pencil boxes.

another one of my products, they came out so cute!

My new candy jars, they came out so cute!

My outside wall display (remember the fire marshal), clothespin tutorial soon to come.

I hope you enjoyed!!