Monday, January 2, 2012

The Root Of It All

Okay so my planning day was not too bad. I did manage to get a few things done, but of course there is always more. I can't complain too much after reading everyone's comments. Our first day of break was the 19th and we went back today for a teacher workday. I think the complaint was more that everyone else was off while we were at work today. Some people still had company in town, the GA game was on, spouses were off, no day care, and so on. It just didn't make much sense to us. And seeing that the post was one of my highest "commented on" I think a lot of you have thoughts and feelings on the top as well. On the bright side there was absolutely no traffic.

A few of you have asked about my trees I drew for my Greek/Latin Roots board. I finally managed to get it scanned for you guys. YEA!!! I copied the master on to brown Art Paper (I use Art paper because I find it easier to fold, cut, and copy on's not as "furry")

How my board it set up:

On the top row we have our prefixes. On a notecard I write the prefix/suffix/root that we are studying, what it is, and the meaning. On each leaf (simply a di-cut) I write the words that we found, use, and are studying.

Here is the suffix row (second)

We even used a tree for our math words during geometry.

So here is what you all have been waiting for...the TREE! Click to picture below to download.