Friday, August 9, 2013

Another Classroom

I am loving all the pictures my East coast friends are posting and sending me! So once again I thought I would share a room. Who doesn't love looking at classrooms???

This teacher was actually a student teacher across the hall from me two years ago. She did some long term subbing...and FINALLY this year is in her own room! I know she is going to do an amazing job.

She is very lucky, and I think she will admit that her classroom is HUGE! Here is an overall view.

Here is the view to the front of the room. Love the space on the floor near the board and interactive board.

She decided to push her teacher desk to the wall and will probably use the kidney table for groups and as her desk.

I love her reading corner with the bright pops of color! And she can use her easel in the reading corner for small groups.

Her outside display...

Her welcome signs at the door as you enter. Great saying!

Well I am working on my room, piece by piece. It seems to be a slow process this time, but I can't wait to share it all with you soon (hopefully). 

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Miss Nelson said...

Cute. Can't wait to see yours