Friday, October 28, 2011


This is how I feel...and possibly even how I look right now!

Good evening. I must apologize for not blogging. It turned out that my daughter had croup...not very fun at all! Now I sit here with a MASSIVE head cold. The doctor said as long as I don't lose my voice I only caught the cold side of it all. UGH! And to top it off the timing stinks...I have everything ready for a great guest post (aside from my part of it), AND my husband and I are headed out of town for our FIRST over night trip without my daughter, since having my daughter!'s been almost THREE years! This is not because I am too scared or nervous to leave her, it's just timing has been horrible. So my bag is packed, with NyQuil and DayQuil...and we head out in the morning. I hope that I can have the guest post and such ready for Monday, since I will be up with the trick or treaters. Thanks for hanging in there with me and understanding. Have a wonderful weekend!


Kimberly said...

Hope you feel better soon! We have croup right now at our house too. Try to enjoy your trip!
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Amy said...

Hope you feel better and have a great trip!


Tara said...

Love your blog and have given you the Blog on Fire award:)

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