Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December Challenge Day 1

Here it is already December, over a month has gone by without one single post from me...horrible!

So now I am challenging myself to post once a day for the month of December. I saw this picture challenge posted by a friend of mine and thought of how I could use that with my blog.

I will post a picture of the challenge tomorrow, my iPad is not letting me attach pictures!

A little twist to the challenge will be that on the days I am at work, school, the picture has to be work/school related with a post about the picture.

I'm hoping this will get me back into the swing of posting.

Day 1: Red

Today I spent some time working on a Kahoot for our upcoming District PLCs. If you have never used Kahoot you are missing out! If you have ever played trivia at a restaurant it's very similar. Kahoot is a free site where you can create quizzes, surveys, and discussions. The students don't need to register, just enter the session code, and GO! Click the picture to learn more. 

My Kahoot is a quick quiz that will have the teachers identifying if an assessment question has been written the correct way or not. This year in our District PLCs we are focusing on quality assessments. I'm pretty excited to see how exciting the game will get, teachers are not competitive at all!!

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