Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Day 2: Where I Stood

Here is the promised photo of the day challenge, as you can see today is...Where I Stood

Of course I stood many places today, but Wednesdays are early release for teacher professional development and meetings. One of my jobs is to facilitate these meetings. Each Wednesday is devoted to something different during the month.

The first Wednesday of the month is District meetings. Every Wednesday our staff meets in grade level teams for the first half hour. The remainder of our time together today was spent having our teachers work on District PLC prep time (for our secondary whole district PLCs).

This year the secondary coaching team has worked on a flipped model for our PLCs. We are using Blendspace as our vehicle to deliver prep materials to the teachers. They simply open the Blendspace and work through the "slides" which may contain Google Docs or Forms, videos, readings, etc.

Where I Stood: In the front of our PD room presenting

Where I Stood: By my computer/doc camera station to present

Where I Stood: The view from the front of the PD room

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