Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Teaching Professional Development

During pre-planning week I will be teaching two different professional development classes: Using QR Codes in Your Classroom, and Blogging in the Classroom.

Next year our district is going 1 to 1. Every student will have an iPad, therefore our professional development will revolve around technology.

I am very prepared for teaching the QR code class.

When it comes to blogging in the classroom I am still doing a lot of research. I am very familiar with blogging as a teacher, but know and understand it is different when your students are doing the blogging.

Do any of you have your students blog?

What are your suggestions/ideas for blogging in the classroom?

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Life As I Know It... said...

I wish my district would offer fun things like that during our professional development time before school starts! I use QR codes in my classroom for a lot of stuff but I don't blog in my room. Not yet at least!

Life As I Know It

Anonymous said...

I've been blogging with my class for four years. When I first started I was inspired by the work of Linda Yollis and Kathleen Morris, and I've followed their model for blogging with students ever since. First I introduce students to our class blog, and we brainstorm ideas for posts together. I teach them how to write comments on our blog, then they comment on other class blogs, and finally learn to write guest posts on our class blog. For those who want to take blogging further, I have a series of assignments they can choose to do to "earn" their own blog (which is still moderated by me). My theory is that everyone should interact with the class blog and learn about blogging, but not everyone is ready to blog on their own in fifth grade. Just my opinion. :)

A great resource is Edublogs' Student Challenge, which they run twice a year, starting in September and March. They send out a weekly challenge to help improve blogging skills, whether you have a class blog or individual student blogs. Any platform is welcome in the challenge, you don't have to use Edublogs.

Good luck with your PD class!

Our Class Blog

Anonymous said...
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Lori Stephens said...

I would love to learn how yo use QR Codes in my classroom. Any ideas or resources I should start wit

EMpowered said...

What great PD opportunities! Your district is very fortunate to have you! I am curious about your school's 1:1 initiative. What grades does that include? What type of technology? I am researching 1:1 elementary classrooms for my grad coursework and could always use more information. Feel free to email me. I would love to chat with you! :)