Friday, July 17, 2015

A New Book

Pretty excited...just released...

This is now the third book in the series. I blogged before about the first book Because of Mr. Terupt you can catch up about the lessons and book here.

I can not stress enough about how great these book are. If you are about the start school next month I would highly recommend reading Because of Mr. Terupt to your class (5th grade is the perfect grade level).

My former students still rave about this book and I'm sure will be as excited as I am that there is a third book.

I think this poster for the book sums up the main idea of all three books...

In  all three books the chapters are broken into months, giving a little background some times during the summer, and then continue through the school year. Within each chapter you get to "hear" the story from all seven different perspectives with the seven characters telling the story in their own words and voice.

What do you think?

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Samantha Kimbell said...

Great book but be careful. Content not appropriate for the elementary grades. The girls go to Victoria Secret and the gang plays seven minutes in heaven. Try explaining that to your class. Otherwise, great story!