Sunday, September 21, 2014

First Weeks As Instructional Coach

It's been a crazy, exciting, and busy first few weeks as an Instructional Coach.

A few things that I have learned are:

1. Google calendar is my friend. If I didn't keep it open on my desktop then I'm pretty sure I would miss a few meetings!

2. Google docs and I have a love/hate relationship. I love being able to share items with my teachers, being able to access documents from anywhere. I dislike that when multiple people are using the same document at the same time, it "jumps" around as changes are made. I also dislike that I can't undo what others have done, I can only revert to old versions. I learned to keep my original and make copies for others to view/edit.

3. I LOVE my aides that help with data input, spreadsheets, and benchmark testing. I don't know when I would get it all done if not for them.

4. Technology is good, when everything is finally updated and student/teacher user names/logins are imputed as well as correct. I spent a lot of time on the phone and emailing district and company personnel getting things in order.

5. Getting into classrooms is hard!

6. Learned I need to run PLCs like a classroom, but also treat them like professionals and experts at what they do...not sure why I didn't think of the classroom perspective prior to teaching my first PLC, but I'm learning! (have a learning target, get them up and moving, etc.)

7. Build trust and relationships!

8. Keep logs! I love technology but I have found good 'ole journals, notebooks, and binders are my preferred method of logging. I keep a simple composition notebook of entries as to when I go into a classroom, what I observed (facts only), when I meet with teachers (things I may need to find out for them, etc.), mostly so I can remember to follow up if needed or find answers for them. I keep a hand written phone log for parent conversations (I'm already on page four). I also keep a spiral for handwritten notes in meetings (already over half way through that notebook).

How were your first weeks of school?


Miss Foote said...

So glad you are on a fun learning curve. Isn't teaching teachers doctors make horrible patients...teachers can be awful students:-)
Chickadee Jubilee

Dani Burtsfield said...

I too have made the switch to I/C this year. It's been a crazy first few weeks! LOTS of work around assessing and analyzing data to form intervention groups. Hardest issue so far is simply the change in how we are doing business this year - new screeners, as well as a more tightened up approach to intervention. Need to be skills based in our intervention, not program based.

Anonymous said...

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Dandelions and Dragonflies said...

Sorry you are having problems finding the tree is the link to the file:


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