Friday, August 15, 2014

OFFICE reveal!

As some of you may already know I will not be in a classroom next year. I am now an instructional coach for the middle school right down the road (seriously...maybe 1/4 a mile down the road) from my "old" (does teaching there one year make it old??) school.

I now have an office!

A few adjustments and problems that I faced moving from a classroom (after 12yrs) to an office.

  1. Narrowing down and storing the teaching stuff! (WOW our garage is packed!)
  2. Deciding what I would need for my new position, or how to re-purpose items I already had.
  3. ...and we thought classrooms were small (I know, I don't have students).
  4. How to mesh "form and function", but make it inviting.
I really wanted to make my office inviting for the teachers. Somewhere they could come, talk, discuss, and be open. Therefore, I did have to make sure I had an area to meet with teachers.

On HUGE hurdle was that the desk and shelving was built in (man I hate when I can't move furniture!).

Here are the before pictures.

The view from the door.

The view from the desk. 

Another view from the door.

Here it is now!

The view from the door.

 I stuck with the same color scheme so I could reuse some items from my room. My mom convinced me the pillow was a much needed touch!  Representing the South! Just missing my computer. (Hobby Lobby: pillow and wood bunting..and yes I bought them in GA and shipped them to myself, no Hobby Lobby here!) I went with burlap on the bulletin board.

Got to have candy for my teacher friends! (fell in love with the saying block-found it at a store called Craft Warehouse, and the tray I found at Hobby Lobby)

 Information central, both boards are magnetic. (White board calendar found at Target, magnetic message board...Hobby Lobby)

One of my bookshelves (the other one is under the white board, and pretty messy with curriculum items). This bookshelf holds professional reading and a bunch of my picture/chapter books that I LOVE and just couldn't bear to put in boxes. I went with a few motivational saying pictures. The small one says: "You are the author of your own story, so make it a good one." (art and bird cage from Hobby Lobby)

My meeting place. My principal suggested that I have a round or in this case octagonal table for meetings. I love it. I added some pillows I picked up at Target in summer clearance section, sewed the ribbon to the back and tied a bow to the chairs. Hopefully this will help keep them in place and not slide down the chair.

This is one of the many things my daughter did to keep busy while I decorated and organized!

I hope you enjoyed my little office!


kilipohi said...

Your office is super adorable. I moved this year too and I can't wait to finish setting it up. Good luck in your new role.

elainaann said...

Your office looks great! All your coworkers are going to want to hang out in there.

Hubert Cole said...

Great job on redecorating your office! Transferring from a classroom to an office was a big change, but I know you’ll manage to keep your efficiency at work. It’s nice to know that you also made your office cozy for the teachers, as it would be nice to relax for a bit after a long day teaching. I do hope you’ll be able to enjoy your lovely office in the upcoming days! I love your octagon table, by the way. Thanks for sharing!

Hubert Cole @ PearCom

Orlando Nunez said...

That's a nice looking office, Jessica. I hope it's not much of a change from your "old" office, though. Hahaha! I'm sure you'll get comfortable in no time. I love the color scheme, by the way. It's the perfect look for a middle school teacher. Great job on that! All the best! :)

Orlando Nunez @ Office & Ergonomic Solutions, Inc.