Saturday, August 9, 2014


Yep...I'm touring the east coast this summer! Visiting family members, friends, and teacher friends. It's been an amazing few weeks and we will be home soon.

I felt as though I had been ignoring you all and though some of you have already gone back to school, some of you may still be in need of some classroom inspiration. Of course as I was visiting my teacher friends I kept asking them if I could take pictures of their rooms, and they happily agreed.

So here are a few ideas that you may find helpful! Enjoy! (get ready for picture overload)

This first group is from my dear friend, I posted her classroom last year...when I moved from GA she acquired most of my red and black decor. This is her second year in this classroom and I love some of the additions and changes she has made.

Her new reading nook!

Love this reading bulletin board.

Her desk area with the hanging "lanterns" is really cute and organized.

Similar area for her rolling cart with document camera and student computers.

This is new this year. She co-teaches, and kids rotate throughout the day. She is teaching ELA block. When the students are at their "cubbies" outside the classrooms she will pull the tab out of the items needed for the class, for that day. This is something she made herself! Great idea!

This year she decided to go with tables instead of desks, mostly due to room, and the fact that the students don't need desk storage due to the cubbies outside the classrooms.

Another nook in her room where she keeps supplies and writes her targets.

This room is another dear friend that I left in GA. She is a literacy coach. I love the color scheme and bulletin board ideas.

The parking lot is where teachers can add notes or sticky notes about concerns, questions, or ideas they have during and after staff development. She uses them to help guide her next meetings!

 Another teacher friend from GA. She taught SpEd last year and is back in a regular classroom this year. I love her color scheme of red, grey, burlap, and chalkboard!

She is going to use the frames to write center activities for the day that will be stationed at those tables.

Homework club, you bring your homework you stay on the board, you don't do it you take your number off. At the end of the month those still on the board will earn a prize/treat/reward.

Very cute meeting area. The grey pages are laminated and glued to the table for the students to use expo markers on during small group meetings.

Love the colors and design of this board!

Cute little reading nook.

Another cute board!

Whole class meeting area.

Lunch count and sharp/dull buckets for pencil sharpening.

Outside display. Welcome to 5th Grade.

Another version of my work collection station (using pocket folders instead of file folders). They will only put completed work in these folders, whereas mine would put all work in their folders and place it under completed or not completed.

I hope you enjoyed and maybe got a few ideas/inspiration! I'll be back soon with a few new posts about how I introduce making notes and tracks in your reading...even for the littles! 


Becky said...

I love your friend'/ classroom with the red, black, burlap and chalkboard decor. I love the "homework club" board. I want something similar. Is that on TpT by any chance?

Dandelions and Dragonflies said...

She said some things she did purchase, others she made...I can try and find out for you!

khall said...

I love the color schemes in both rooms!!! Nice job.

Becky said...

I'd love to know about that- thanks! Love your blog also.

Unknown said...

All the cute classrooms kinda makes me wish I was in the classroom...KINDA.

Unknown said...

How were you able to get the clipboards and folders to stick to the concrete blocks so easily? Everything I use keeps falling off the walls :(

Dandelions and Dragonflies said...

Hot glue! I also keep a paint scraper (what they use to scrape gum off of things) nearby to help get the glue off the walls when I am done!