Saturday, July 12, 2014

Organizing My Professional Reading

I am making my way through a lot of professional reading this summer (if you can't tell by other posts). Fortunately, I didn't have to buy many of the books (some of them I wanted to), some were loaned to me. So, as I mentioned before I couldn't write in the books so I had to take notes. A lot of time people use notebooks, but I prefer sticky what to do with all those sticky notes?

BINDER! Have I ever told you how much I love binders? I do, I really do! Even my students had binders!

I prefer binders to files in a filing cabinet. I keep all my lessons and examples of organizers and such in binders arranged by subject (usually have to have two binders per subject), and then each binder is broken into topic then lessons within the topic.

I don't have pictures of my binders right now (seeing that I moved...again), but I saw this post by A Teeny Tiny Teacher (click here to read), and it's pretty similar to how I use binders to organize. I love being able to see everything and not guess which drawer and which file something is in.

So here is my Professional Reading binder!

These are my standard supplies for building my binders: a binder (clearview, and I always use black to keep everything the same, as well as the dark color hides the bumps and dirt that can occur), clear sheet protectors, and paper.

I then printed the book title of the book and author on regular, white sheets of paper. After that I began transferring my sticky note notes to the printed pages.

I could fit six on a page and then placed them front/back in the sheet protectors.

I was also given a bunch of magazines to read, and quickly realized that I can take the articles I like the most out of the magazines, make notes on them, and insert them in my binder as well.

For the binder cover and side I'll use my usual chevron template. I bought it on TpT and it's totally worth it! 

Do you binder stuff????


Sarah said...

I started organizing my files last summer into binders and I love it! I also got tubs a few months ago from Home Depot and put all my centers and binders for that month in the tub..that way, when the particular month comes around, I can pull that whole tub! And I like that binders free up file cabinets for just student work. :)


Darla Gerharter said...

I have been using binders since I started credential courses. I had a different binder for every class I took. I teach Resource K-5, so I have tons of binders, but they are not all the same or have beautiful covers. I couldn't afford to buy the binders, since I have so many. I have mostly used ones, which isn't really desirable. I have them by subject, including specialty subjects like: originals for parent communication and regularly used forms for the class. I also have binders for all my students 3rd grade and up. I have been teaching them how to use dividers and organizing their work. This is also pretty expensive, but I buy my student binders at Costco. Thanks for sharing your ideas and for sharing the link to the website for A Teeny Tiny Teacher!

Michele Jackson said...

I'm such a visual person that I think I should move all my lessons, units, and professional development to binders.
I could add color with your cute binder covers :o)

Jackson In The Middle

Samantha Kimbell said...

This just makes me happy! Thanks for sharing : )

Anonymous said...

I binder recipes. One for each category.

I save articles I enjoy. However, I scan them and save them on a hard drive. Less paper in the house.