Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer Reading: Unmistakable Impact

I finished my first professional development book: Unmistakable Impact by Jim Knight. I would be lying if I said it was easy reading. I struggled through it and I'm not sure why.

It wasn't that it didn't have anything to offer, because it did. Maybe I was trying to focus "too hard" on it. I'm trying to "glean" as much information as I can from anywhere about being a good instructional coach.

Before I even finished the first chapter I told my husband: "Now I remember why I don't want to get my doctorate right now!"

Again there was A TON of good information in this book...A TON, I mean look at all the notes I took.

As a reader I've always struggled with college level texts that included a lot of citing and notations...this book is FULL of them. For me it makes the reading/comprehension choppy and doesn't flow well.

I found myself skimming and reading the "cliffs notes" (to sum it up sections) at the end of each chapter.

By no means am I telling you not to read this is a good book! Just make sure you have time, limited distractions, time, and a place to take notes!

Here are a few of my own "cliffs notes" :

Because this isn't my book (as mentioned before)...I think I'm going to start a three-ring notebook with sheet protectors that will contain these sticky notes, articles I enjoy, etc. I'll keep you posted and put pictures up showing this.

Hope your summer reading is going well!

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Lisa Speers said...

Part of my plan for this summer includes reading a professional book or three. Thanks for sharing that you sometimes find it difficult to read this type of book. I've decided to adopt your strategies and use post it notes and when bogged down read the summaries. Luckily, my first book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, was an easy read, written in story form. Miss you bunches!