Friday, June 20, 2014

Off The Grid and A Bit Of A Change

Summer started, FINALLY and we hit the road for a little off the grid camping trip! It was great, and a nice "reset"...wish the weather was a little nicer though.

Our little cabin...enough to keep the wind and drizzle off!

Hanging out! (keeping each other warm)

The one walk we got in before the weather turned yucky!

Next item on the list...if you follow me on FB I teased you with a little picture and a status update: Wait didn't I just do this?!?!? Change is coming!

I guess I've left you hanging long enough...

I have accepted an Instructional Coach position at the middle school (right down the hill)!

Needless to say my 5th graders were thrilled, then disappointed because I'm not actually going to be in a classroom with them. But excited once again because they get to see me all the time!

In Georgia we were extremely fortunate to have all different types of Instructional Coaches in each building (Math Coach, Literacy Coach, Technology Coach, etc.), however in a smaller school district most buildings have one general Instructional Coach.

I'm excited for the change and ready for the challenge....ready to grow and learn (I have a lot of learning to do!). I've already started reading some great books, that I'll share with you over the course of the summer.

I hope that this will allow for some great blog posts and a larger view of what is happening in our little school district.

So bring on the questions and comments :)


Kim said...

Congrats, Jessica, on your new opportunity. And I'm excited to be learning a lot from you as you learn new things! YIPPEE!

Finding JOY in 6th Grade

Miss Foote said...

So fun.

Beautiful camp cabin. Are you at Lake of the Woods?
Chickadee Jubilee

Dani Burtsfield said...

I too am leaving the classroom this fall to be our math/literacy instructional coach (K-5 elementary school) Looking forward to your posts through the summer on this very topic!

Melissa Cloud said...

I LOVE your cabin. Just wanted to let you know that I'm posting about your adorable black and red classroom decor in a couple days. I'm doing a color linky about some of my favorite classrooms, home cecor, outfits, etc. Would love for you to join us!

A Teaspoon of Teaching

kanish said...

Jessica, I am so going to miss your posts. I wish you all the very best!

Dandelions and Dragonflies said...

This was actually Whiskey Camp...a ranger station you can rent. LOVE it!