Sunday, March 9, 2014

It's Not A...

This week my school set aside 45 minutes on Friday afternoon to do Fun Friday. Now this was not my normal Fun Friday for my class, this was a school wide Fun Friday (I'm trying to see how many times I can type Fun Friday).

Because we are such a small school this was a school wide activity that was pretty manageable. Each teacher, including special areas and special ed. came up with an activity to do in their classroom. A few of them were: charades, friendship bracelet making, windsock making, reader's theater, board games, computer time, etc. Once all the teachers had an activity one of our secretaries came around to each classroom and had the students sign up for an activity (only three people from each classroom could sign up for an activity).

Each of the teachers got their "new" class list the day of Fun Friday. At 2:00 the students were sent to the class they signed up for. I know I know I was flipping out about them going all over the place, but once again we are a very small school. The kinders were "delivered" by a parapro so they wouldn't get lost.

The hard part was coming up with an activity for all age ranges K-5th.

My activity was reading a book (or two), then doing an art activity.

I chose to read the books It's Not a Box and It's Not a Stick. Well I didn't actually read them, we watched them!

When we were done I gave them the choice of creating art with a stick (small twig actually) or a box (cut out brown squares and rectangles to look like cardboard boxes).

Here are my supplies (I made the printable and printed them on card stock, you can get it here!).

Here is what they came up with! (I attached the twigs with hot glue, some of them drew the pictures first then let me hot glue the twigs, we simply glued the "boxes" on) 


Miss Kindergarten said...

OMG the toaster!!!! LOVE!!!

Endeavors in Education said...

I love your idea! So adorable!