Sunday, March 16, 2014

I'm So Lucky

The little leprechaun is finished filling little baggies with Lucky Charms for her class in the morning (and may have eaten just as much as she packed).

When I get to school in the morning I'll print these little stickers and put them on the baggies. Nothing big, just a small little treat. I am constantly reminded that this is the last year these kiddos get to do the "fun" stuff. So I try to do small things and keep it all to a minimum.

Click here to retrieve the stickers below! 

We will watch the awesome BrainPOP video about St. Patrick's Day:

Finally we will complete the Criminal Leprechaun. I love the Criminal... series that can be found on TpT here! (and so do the kids).  

I hope you have a WONDERFULLY DELICIOUS St. Patrick's Day!

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