Sunday, February 9, 2014

Book Trailers

We have been really busy with all sorts of FUN and EXCITING things! I know I've been horrible and not posting a single one of them....sorry!

One thing a small group worked on was book trailers. I'm sure you have heard of them before, they are a great way to get out of the normal book report. I will say that by working with these students on the trailers you could really tell that they had read the books and understood them!

For two weeks prior the students had to pick a chapter book that was appropriate for their reading level. They had two weeks to complete the book, and during those two weeks they had to complete their reading logs based on those books. Click here to get the reading log!

Once we began the actual book trailers the students really took over and got creative! I chose to use a free app/website Animoto. The free version is great! My teaching partner had each student set up their own free version. I actually liked it so much that I purchased the year plan, and made a class account.

The kids that made the book trailers have now become my Animoto experts, and we have done a few other quick projects with them leading the "production" portion. It's so much fun!

I also created a small section in our library with QR codes allowing students to scan and watch the videos.

Here is our poster:

And finally our videos: 


Liz M. said...

What a great way to have kids show that they have read the book! Technology is everywhere and what a wonderful way to have them use it. I bet your students want to read more books just to get to do a book trailer again!

Libby Gregory said...

I love this idea! I would love more details about this long did they work on the videos? I definitely want to try this with my students!

Dandelions and Dragonflies said...

We took about a week to do them. This was just during our reading center time, about 30min a day. I had a few that really worked hard and did some of it at home.

Jenny H said...

I love this idea!! I cannot wait to use it. What kind of criteria did you give the students?

Jenny H said...

I love this idea!! I cannot wait to use it. What kind of criteria did you give the students?

Dandelions and Dragonflies said...

In order to be allowed to work on the book trailers they had to have been filling out their reading log (link in my post), and of course filling it out well. The reading logs I used had different questions on them, which helped when they were making the trailers. I had them watch different ones made by other students, and then work on theirs. It was more verbal guidelines such as: include the title, author, characters, main idea, thoughts/feelings, maybe lesson learned if applies...etc. The students that participated were my students that always went above and beyond, so it was more of a privilege. I hope this helps!