Saturday, February 22, 2014

A few updates!

There has been a TON on my plate lately. I managed to be awesome and fall down the stairs at work, in front of a 5th grade class. It was pretty epic, I must say. So after a week of swelling and two visits to a worker's comp. doctor, I am now in physical therapy. The PT informed me he thinks I have a small hairline fracture on my fibula. So no more gym workouts for me for at least another month and twice a week PT! Then a week later my kidneys decided to attack me and I was down for the count. The song that keeps running through my head is....

Thanks for all the help and advice about the LA/Reading adoption. It was narrowed down to three choices by the committee...from a short list given to us by the district (from Oregon Dept. of Ed). So thanks for the suggestions that weren't on the list, but those were our only options. The three are: Wonders, Journeys, and Reach. I'm leaning toward Journeys...I like the two "paths" that are given for the tradition anthology or using their series in Guided Reading.

Finally a follower (Marla) had read my post about paper slide videos earlier this year. Here is what she wrote:

Thank you so much for sharing the information about Paper Slide Videos.  I had never heard of them before.  I teach 5th grade in Texas and decided to have each of my students do an individual video to demonstrate something they had learned the first six weeks.  Everyone had to pick a different idea and it could be from any subject. 
They loved it!!!!  When we were through, we had 22 videos that reviewed all of our first six weeks of school.  We made a bulletin board with QR codes that were on a iPhone template and had it ready two days before our PTA program so parents could interact with it.  Thanks for turning me on to Schooltube also.  I did not know about that either!
My principal was so impressed and showed our superintendent when she visited our school.  The teachers at my school are all excited about it too.  One has already used the idea too!

Below are the pictures and QR codes she sent me! LOVE IT, thanks for sharing!

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Wanda Liles said...

I’m really glad that you’ve recovered from your injury, Jessica. I can only imagine how hard it is to work while you’re nursing an injury. However, I’m glad that you wetre provided with proper compensation and had been taken good care of your doctor. How are you now? I hope you attain full recovery in the next days. :)