Friday, December 13, 2013

The Joy of Giving

This year, at my new school, I was introduced to a project called The Joy of Giving (this can be done at any time of the year, maybe a new year's project).

I really love this idea, and there is not much work involved for the teachers. If you are like me taking on yet another project is a huge task, so this was perfect!

It lasts 5 is how our committee set it up:

Day 1: Random Act of Kindness
  This is pretty simple, the students complete one random act of kindness. We sent home a little sheet of paper that they could fill out explaining what their random act of kindness was. They could return it to the teacher. During that day they could possibly share and discuss random acts of kindness. I suggest showing this Kid President video (LOVE Kid President)!!

Day 2: Local Food Drive
   Find a local food bank to participate with, this time of year there are MANY food drives. Have the students bring in  a canned food or other non-perishable food item that is not expired and is unopened to school.  Have a large box or designated place for the students to drop the items. Call the food bank to come pick up the items (maybe at an assembly or in your classroom, so that the students can actually meet/talk with the organization where the items are going), or deliver them yourself.

Day 3: Book Drive
  Find a local or other place that is in need of books (new and/or gently used). Here is the one we are using: Books for Kigutu is a charitable organization that brings books to the children in Burundi, East Africa. The highest need right now is gently used or new preschool books, board books, and books for children ages 3-6.

Day 4: Make a donation to an Animal Shelter
  Call a local animal shelter and ask what they are in need of. Most shelters (especially during this time of year) need blankets, bedding, etc. These items can new and sometimes gently used. Our local shelter is in need of:  cat food, canned and dry with no red dye, dry and canned dog food, collars and leashes, towels, blankets and washable bedding. Again have a designated box or bin for the students to bring items in. Once again your can deliver them yourself or have a representative come to your classroom, pick up the items, and talk to your school/class as to what they do, how the items will be used, etc. 

Day 5: Helping a Homeless Shelter
  Call a local homeless shelters and ask what your school/class could do to help. These could be simple donations, writing Christmas cards, etc. Once again have a donation box and invite a representative to come pick up the items so that the students can talk to them, ask questions, etc. If they aren't available you can deliver the items or have a volunteer to do so. 

The idea is that the students demonstrate the act of giving within their own  neighborhood (local), community (city/county), and world wide! I really like the idea of asking representatives from each place to come in and collect the donations as well as talk to your class/school. This allows the children to get a better idea of how their donations are being used, what these places do to help the community, and such. 

Another idea is to have the students make a kindness chain...for each act they do they can add a link to the chain. You can have them write their act on the chain, or simply add a link. This is something that can be kept up through the entire school year, if at any time they complete another act they may add a link. 

This was suppose to start this week for my school, however due to the weather conditions we have already been out for three days! I'll update you as soon as we are able to get this started. 

Enjoy the snow pics! 


Lauren said...

I really love this concept! Thank you so much for sharing! By the way, you have a beautiful blog :)


Miss Foote said...

Our school does a huge canned food drive! Also, I am going to be visiting your area of the state in late January and would love to have a mini-blog meet up.

Chickadee Jubilee

Dandelions and Dragonflies said...

Thank you for the compliment Lauren!! Miss Foote I would love to meet up with you! Shoot me an email: