Sunday, December 1, 2013

Class Dojo and Cyber Monday Sale

I made it through my first conferences in Oregon. The students were off for the whole week of Thanksgiving and the teachers conducted parent/teacher conferences Monday through Wednesday. I did manage to get a few things done in between my conferences, but of course not as much as I thought I would or wanted. When do we ever?!?

So I wanted to share with you all my new behavior management system (click here to read about it, I have modified it a little since this post, but you get the idea). I still use the behavior checklist and folder system, but mostly to "document" the bad behaviors or lack of responsibility. This is also for the parents.

I'm not sure why I didn't try it before! may be the age of my students, but they LOVE it! Maybe it's the closest they can get to a video game?!?

They get to design their own little "monster" avatar and can track their dojo points. The parents can also make log ins and track all of their behavior. I have gotten nothing but great feedback from my parents.

I sat with my class and we made our own positive and negative point awards

I love that I can project it on my smart board, use my iPad as I am in small group, or even an iPod! I can be walking around the room monitoring, or in a small group and as soon as my students hear the "ding" noise they know that someone has gotten points. I have never seen so many students "snap" to attention or get on task so quickly!

Everyday we set a new positive point goal for the students to strive for. For example: the top three positive point earners get 2 punches on their behavior punch card, and two owl feather (a school wide positive behavior system) then the top 10 positive point earners may get one punch and one owl feather. We also do positive percentages for the end of the week, to earn Fun Friday (my teaching partner and I do a study hall/fun Friday incentive). The kids love that there are different incentives. And if you don't follow me and know my behavior system they can earn passes and small pieces of candy for their behavior punch cards.

They really like looking at the class averages, percentages, trends, and such. We have already done some math with it all...who would have thought!?!?

The best's ALL FREE!!!!! I found it pretty easy to use and manage. Have you tried it or do you use it??

Next...I am having a sale at my Teacher's Pay Teachers site...I know it's been a little while since I have actually put items on my site/store. I really wish I had more time. But take a look around and see if you like anything. I know a lot of the other stores are also having Cyber Monday/Tuesday sales! I plan on taking advantage of them! 

Lastly I wanted to throw a few questions out there and see what type of response I get...

Does anyone use the performance based grading system? If so what are your thoughts? What is your scale? How in the world do you do it?!?! 

Obviously I'm now having to use it...and it is very very difficult to adjust to! VERY DIFFICULT...and I'm not the only one, some teachers that have used it before are even struggling with the whole idea. 

Oh and while your there...check out these AMAZING reading logs! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them, they are exactly what I would create if I had time :)  

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Shafer's Shenanigans said...

OMG, I just started using Class Dojo in the past few months, too, and I am in LOVE! It's super effective, especially since I teach different groups of students for Language Arts and Sciences (no more clip charts for me!). I can't believe I didn't discover Dojo sooner! Glad you're enjoying it as much as I am!

Shafer's Shenanigans