Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Classroom R...wait, it looks very familiar!?!?

In honor of my east coast friends starting their first day of school tomorrow I thought I would share a classroom reveal with y'all. For those of you that haven't started yet hopefully it will give you some great ideas and a little inspiration. Don't be surprised if it looks a little familiar!

This is one of my best friend's classroom. I left her back in GA, but she was also moving to a new school district!

I'm really jealous of her SMART board being mounted on a wall instead of the white board. I'm REALLY going to miss having majority of my white board.

But it also gave her an extra area to set up groups so that they were not in the center of the room, allowing room by the SMART board for the class to "meet her at the floor". We both do it A LOT, even in 5th grade (they do groan a little, mostly because they know they aren't going to get away with anything when they have to sit on the floor!).

I also LOVE that due to lack of space (something A LOT of you complain about, you always tell me...I wish I could do that but my room is so small!) she used her group caddies in a different way. Using the bookshelves I can't live without in other areas, sort of like stations, allowed her to utilize space and keep her groups the size they are! LOVE IT!!!

On the other wall are her bulletin boards...once again utilizing her space she has the desks/groups coming out of the boards allowing to leave the middle of the room open. My biggest secret to making my room look big is to push as much of the furniture up against the walls! Yes it does take away from being able to post things on your wall, but it allows for better flow, and the feeling of open spaces!

Her boards are The Root of It All (the suffix, prefix, root word trees), Did You Know? (I'm using the same board and will post about that soon), Mentor Sentence, Reading Is Thinking (she is going to post some nonfiction information here).

Here is another view of that side of the room.

And finally her Essential Question Wall (she does team teach, this is why not all subject areas are posted).

So you may recognize a few items in her room from my previous classroom reveals...yep, they were mine. I mentioned before that I had very very limited room when moving cross country. I really sat down and thought hard about what to take, what to sell, and what to leave. It wasn't easy!!! But when it came to time invested and money (yes my decor did cost $, but my classroom library cost more!) I took my binders (lessons, examples, etc.), and my classroom library. I was thrilled to sell and give my stuff to my friend. She is a HUGE University of GA fan and is teaching really close to the university...so it just fit! 

NOW my other best friend that the two of us left at our previous school is now a Reading Specialist. Her classroom was not quite finished when she sent pictures, and she would kill me if I posted the unfinished "look"...but she did add one of my DIY items...the bookshelf makeover! They came out sooooo cute!!! (Does the color scheme look familiar??? We have similar taste!) 

She also completed the media (overhead) cart makeover! Love it!!!!

I hope to share more of her classroom with you all soon! 

Now to wrap things up I have a little soap box to stand on...just for a second. You all know that I use a TON of ribbon. Not only in my classroom, but also in my business. I have NEVER run across this until tonight...and I was NOT A HAPPY PERSON!!!

So I'm crafting, about to use some of this pretty much NEW spool of ribbon and come across this...notice anything?

NOW you do!!!! I couldn't believe it. The nerve!!! I'm tempted to write a letter or something. That is a good few inches I can't use! And when it comes to a business or even just being a teacher EVERY inch counts! Has this ever happened to anyone else? 

Okay I'm done.

Now back to my east coast friends...GOOD LUCK on your first day of school!!! I miss you guys so much and it's harder than I thought to watch you start your school years without me! I'm really going to miss the day to day discussions, thought/lesson sharing...and support system! LOVE and MISS you guys!!!!!


The Queen Bee said...

Love the colors your friends chose...I recently bought some ribbon at Hobby Lobby and with in the first 10 inches it was cut and taped together...I was so mad! Ridiculous!!!
I'm getting my room together too!

Meredith Pearson said...

Ugh! I totally have purchased ribbon that was haphazardly sewn together like that. Really ribbon companies? Do you really think sewing it together like that will allow us to continue to use the ribbon? I also like how they used red thread on a black and white zebra print ribbon. Very sly there, we almost couldn't tell.

I love the chevron fabric on the back of the book cases. It looks so lovely! I only used butcher paper for the backs of mine. Free!

Very nice. Thanks for posting!

Mission Control said...

The classroom looks fantastic.

I bought fabric tape and part way through the tape was cut and pieced together with plastic tape. Ugh...

kdrex said...

Have you posted directions for the media cart makeover? I love it!

Dandelions and Dragonflies said...

I have done a DIY on the media cart...I'll look for the link.

Dandelions and Dragonflies said...

Here is the link for the cart makeover! http://dandelionsdragonflies.blogspot.com/2012/04/organizing-your-technology.html

Kim said...

I am so excited to be a new follower! It is always exciting to find other "big kid" blogs, and I am glad I found yours...

Happy New School Year!

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