Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer Fun Part 1

We are all moved in! YEA! And I guess you could say mostly unpacked. Nothing hung on the walls and not much decor going on, but the important stuff is done.

I have been doing a few crafts, not for my classroom as of yet, but for my house and opened my "business" back up...the bucket making thing. I did manage to move my stuff into my classroom and was told I should be able to start setting my room up next week! Yea! Now I just need to get my daughter enrolled in her preschool so I can ditch her...I mean drop her off for some educational experiences and friend "making" opportunities. I'll tell you what just trying to get the boxes moved in with her hanging around was a HUGE task!

So here are a few snapshots of what I've been doing!

 My daughter's cast iron bed makeover!

It was a TON of work

Step one: clean with a metal brush
Step two: apply rust remover chemicals and then rinse and let dry

I did find some iron under the paint and rust!

Step three: apply primer to keep the rust from coming back
Step four: apply white paint (three coats!)

I'll post a picture of it when it is all set up with the bedding and such.

Finally some new buckets I've done (again not for my room yet)


Fluent in Fourth said...

What a gorgeous bed that your daughter will surely cherish! Love the buckets too....


Miss L said...

Love the buckets you are putting together, so pretty!

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Miss L
Miss L’s Whole Brain Teaching

Stephanie Thi said...

Where did you get those buckets? I love them!

Ashley Darlin' said...

Cute buckets!

Hardlyable Farm said...

Where can I find those adorable buckets? Love those:)