Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Little Birdie...

...not only came to my classroom today, but told me a little secret!

I had my first classroom visitor today! As I was wrapping things up and getting ready to leave I wanted to take a picture of my view from one of the windows in my room.

Pretty huh...the snow has melted from the mountain but you can still sort of see it.

Anyway as I was snapping that pic I heard a thud, scaring the crap out of me (I was the only one in the building), I looked over and saw this little guy...staring at me and a little stunned of course!

He didn't even fly into the window, nor the door (it's all glass), but actually hit the door handle. So I tempted to get a little closer....

I think he was saying "what are you staring at???" that and making sure he still had a beak! 

I did get my room cleaned out. Found a ton of stuff...I don't think I need two teacher sets of SS curriculum :)  And emptied a few boxes of my own. Including getting my classroom library unpacked (most of my boxes were books, can't part with those!)

It looks like a real library! I'll let you know how I'm going to manage it this year...when I have it all done.

Sooooooo the secret that this little visitor told me...was that someone was going to be having a give-a-way tomorrow!!!! I'll spill the beans tomorrow :)  *Don't forget I'm on west coast time now!


Anonymous said...

You saw a pileated woodpecker. I've only seen one ever.
I found your blog on Pinerest and I get such inspiration from you so I can be more organized. I like that you keep making changes so that you don't get in a rut.

Rachel @ A Tall Drink of Water said...

Your view is amazing!! Being near the coast means I don't see mountains to I am in love with that view! And the woodpecker would have scared the bejesus out of me!! Wonder if he does that often? Maybe a new class pet?
A Tall Drink of Water

Michelle Kunst said...

I have been meaning to comment/email you since I read you were moving to Oregon! I teach in Grants Pass. Your view is amazing and I wish you lots of luck getting settled! Question... how far are you in the common core transitioning? I'd love to chat sometime about it... Thanks a bunch! I'm horrible at keeping up on my blog I started last year, but hope to do a better job this time!

Hildegard said...