Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Semi-Blank Palate

Here are a few pictures of my new classroom. I will probably be able to go and "get my hands dirty" sometime mid-July. I have BIG plans for this room. My Pinterest boards are on major OVERLOAD! Guess that's what you do when you are waiting to move into your house and classroom. I'm going to be pretty busy in July and August!

So here is what it looks like when I first walk in the door...the desks and chairs are weird, really really weird. I may be going to tables instead of desks....I'll take a close up of them soon. (The chairs only have 2 legs!)

Side view of my room....SMART board! I'm going to have to train myself on this! I'm a Mimio girl. 

My storage area...Plus: GREAT amount of storage! Negative: not movable and are painted in school colors of green and purple...not really going to match my new decor :) 

To the right is the student desktop center...just want you to see all angles so when I reveal you will know what WAS there!

And once again this is good storage but...once again it's a built in, so it's not moveable! But I have big plans for this area.

And now for my first project for my room...keep in mind that ALL of my craft stuff is still in storage, so my hands have been really tied right now. But I did pick this fella up at a thrift store for three bucks, and gave him a little upgrade. Now what am I going to do with him in my class you ask??? Stay tuned!

                          BEFORE  (his eyes were a little creepy!)

                             AFTER (just a little spray paint!)


Dawn S. said...

Oh I love him! Very Harry Potterish!

Unknown said...

How exciting for you! I found out today that the ceiling in my classroom caved in while they were working on replacing the roof. Three fourths of my room is covered by ceiling tiles, lights and wires. There is some fear that it may not get finished in time for school to start in August. So...I will be living through you as you go into your new classroom and create. Good luck!

Kristen said...

If this means you are changing theme/color scheme...I would gladly take all that black/white/red awesomeness off of your hands :)

Unknown said...

I started following you because I can't wait to see what you do with your new space! I found your blog while looking for red classroom d├ęcor, your pics from that classroom were amazing! Is the owl makeover a clue to your theme? thanks for blogging, Paula