Monday, May 6, 2013

SUPER Field Day

This year the theme for our field day (because every great field day has a theme, right?!?!) was SUPERHEROES!

Each class had to choose a superhero to "be" or represent them. So during the awesomeness that is state testing, I was racking my brain trying to think of what superhero my class would be. I do the usual Pinterest search, then resorted to a Google image search...I know...what was I thinking?!?!

Awhile ago my class was the Falkenators for a fun run theme, it was great at the time, but it just didn't seem to fit this year. When I was about to give up and just let the kids pick a random superhero it came to me....


YEP we went Old School! (Side note conversation overheard...Specials teacher: "Awesome, you guys went old school, that great!"...few moments later...Student: "Old school? That's a good thing right?!?!")

Once I thought of it, I couldn't believe I didn't think of it earlier! It was perfect! We had a really great discussion about what being an underdog was and the meaning this particular name/superhero had for our class. I brought up the fact that we were the Underdogs of the 5th grade: we were the smallest class in number, and probably the shortest in total height. But not only that we were probably considered the underdogs because of the "make-up" of our class. At this point all my students were aware of the fact that I was the transition teacher (both 4th and 5th grade), but now at this point in the year....we talked about how we exceeded every one's expectations because we were ALL 5th graders now! We then went into a great conversation about how my expectations of our class have always been high and have never changed, however some other people may have looked at our class and said "oh that's expected of them" "they are transition" etc. Therefore in the white portion of our banner every student wrote one thing they were proud of themselves for accomplishing this year. They were so proud!

After deciding the superhero and choosing a banner, we got to work...

We then decided on our "costumes" t-shirts of course, but I couldn't just leave it at that. We actually put U's on our shirts...just like Underdog! Some of the students brought in shirts early and I (with permission of course) cut U's out of iron on paper that you can purchase, print your design on, then iron on. I simply didn't print anything, cut the U's, then ironed them on. For those students that didn't want or didn't have permission for a perm. U, I found sticky felt! It worked and they looked great! I was so thrilled that I had 100% participate.

Then I still felt as though something was missing. And it came to me....CAPES! What good a superhero without his/her cape?!?

This is us headed out to the field! And if you are looking for a cheap cape...head over to Hobby Lobby (I mean I NEVER go there!) and check out their bandanna selection! They make great capes, just safety pin them on and go!

And if you are looking for a few other superhero themes here are a few great banners!

Stay tuned for my news!!! I know, two posts in a week..what!?!? 
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Mrs.PJ said...

You are an awesome teacher and if I had my own school I would hire you in a heartbeat. Thanks for always sharing such inspirational stories with us.

PS I added your button to the sidebar in my blog.

Miss Foote said...

What a super fun day! I want to be there.

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