Thursday, May 30, 2013


The last two and a half weeks have been incredibly draining emotionally. I feel as though I'm ready, this has been a very long, drawn out process and the good-byes are getting harder and harder. My roots here in GA go deep, as do my friendships!

It started two weeks ago when my best friend of almost 20 years (wow, it's really been that long) suddenly lost her unborn baby girl. She was about 6 months pregnant so this came as a complete shock. All I could do was just be there for her, cry with her, hug her....just be there. My friend joked as I laid in the hospital bed with her that she wanted to spend more time with me before I left, but she didn't expect it to be that way. I was just glad that I could be there and I wasn't on the other side of the U.S. when it happened. But that also made saying good-bye even more difficult!

The next week it was time to say good-bye to my 5th graders. If you have ever taught 5th grade (at least in my neck of the woods) that last day is a cry fest. This was my first year experiencing it all, and man it was rough. With the final moments of that last day drawing near my class (which has been a tough one) sat in a large circle. Before I could even talk the girls were crying (some so much that I had to talk even louder). I gave them a little speech about looking around the room and remembering each and every one of their classmates, to never forget the times they had together in my class and possibly even previous classes. To never forget each other and how at one time they were all friends and classmates; not to let middle school or even high school change that, even though they may find/make new friends, be in different sports or clubs, but never to forget this moment; because they never know when they may need each other or that person sitting next to them; as I had found out the previous week.

As we prepared to take the "last walk" down the halls and to their buses...on my right I had my most challenging student of the school year. The student that actually was the first to ever "boo" me in class, a student that when I pushed her she pushed back! But in the end she proudly stated: "This is the first year I won't have to attend summer school in my entire elementary school career!" She cried the hardest! On my left was a student that challenged me every day. She asked a million questions, all of which I was happy to answer (even if I had to research a little). I had never had a student who's desire to learn was so strong. She will one day inspire me with her creativity and passion. We held hands and walked together, crying.

Waving good-bye to the buses!

The week came to an end I had to say yet another difficult good-bye; to two of my closest co-teachers. I wouldn't have believed it if you told me a year ago that the three of us would have grown so close to each other. We really worked well with each other and complimented each other. And yet we only got the chance to work together one school year. And now we were all three going in different directions; one to a new position, another to a different school district, and then I was leaving the state all together! At one point we were just standing there staring at each other in disbelief. I know we will all stay in touch, and we have a bond that is hard to describe, but that didn't make it any easier! I'm just lucky I got the privilege to work with these two ladies and call them my friends!

I totally rocked this photo bomb! 

Us at the fifth grade dance...I designed our class shirts! 

Once those good-byes were said and done I began having to say bye to my family. My sister and brother flew in so that the four siblings could have last weekend together. My brother just got a job in Texas and is now there, my one sister has lived in Ohio since graduating from OSU, my younger sister will be staying in GA, and I will be moving to Oregon. We had a great long weekend together and got to do some fun things, but this time saying good-bye was a lot harder than it has ever been, maybe because we are older now or that we have kids...but it sure wasn't easy!

This last week I spend running errands, packing boxes and shipping them, and having a few last play dates with my daughter's friends and of course their parents. I also had to say good-bye to my friends from my previous school...again. Even though I had left there over two years ago we stayed in contact and met each other for lunch or dinner from time to time. My daughter had her final Chic-fil-a play date today and thank goodness for sunglasses...because once again the tears rolled as we walked out the door.

 We have had playdates with this group since before they were born! Seriously I think we went on a triple date when two of us were preggers! Oh how they have grown! 

So now "It's real!" we fly out tomorrow, the bags are ready to go...and yep you bet I am rockin' the chevron luggage! I'm sure there will be more tears at the airport, but I know this is what we are to be doing. This is a new and exciting chapter for us...and as I keep telling my friends and myself "we have facebook!!!!" 

Great news...I DO HAVE A JOB!!!! That in itself is a whole 'nother post!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

My BIG news!

So no...I'm not pregnant (I didn't really think the "hint" I left on my last post all the way through...a little duckling). But no one really guess as to what my news was, I guess that's what I get for being away from blog world for so long.

Anyway....the news is that my family is moving to the west coast...more specifically, Oregon! Now do you get the DUCK hint?!?!...need a little more help?

Why Oregon you ask? Well my husband's parents live in Northern California (where we visited last summer, and yes at that time we were making a decision to move there). We wanted to move to the area to be closer to his family. The area his parents live in didn't offer much in the job market, so we went about 30 minutes north and really liked the Medford (more Ashland) area of Oregon. Almost a year later, to the month my husband secured a job in that area.

He is already living there, along with ALL our stuff. My daughter and I are still in GA until the end of the school year and then will make the trip to join him.

Maybe now this will also shed some light on to my lack of blogging. It's been a long, rough, and difficult process. I would say that my husband has made approximately five trips (if not more) to Oregon in the past 8 months to interview, test, interview again, move some of our stuff, then move the remainder of our stuff out there. We fortunately sold our house and moved in with family, again very thankful, but very different. I had to pack up all my "side business" items (buckets) and store those.

Finally, on this final move that my husband made I had to pack up my classroom! Yep...if I wanted ANY of my teaching items out on the west coast they had to be packed up and go with the hubby (my daughter and I are flying). I also was pretty limited to what I could take, due to room. It was pretty difficult but I narrowed it down to about 6 tubs, and 10 boxes. I was going to take a picture of it, but (not kidding) I had already packed the good camera. My classroom doesn't look much different right now because NONE of the furniture that I bought nor most of the decor made the move. :(  But I made peace with that and really look forward to setting up a new classroom. On the bright side my teacher friends have already started tagging the items they want in my end of the year classroom garage sale!

Yes I do plan on teaching out in Oregon, just not so sure how that is going to go. I have been very busy sending out applications, filling out online applications, and applying for my Oregon certification (that has been a massive headache right there!). I am pretty lucky that Oregon should take all of my GA credentials, but I am going to have to take a Civil Rights exam (eek, must start studying for that one). The hard part was the money YIKES, and the fingerprinting. The other hard part is being in GA while most schools in Oregon are interviewing. I've already gotten two emails explaining that they interviewed local people first and have filled their positions. I did get a tentative Skype interview, but she also said that they would interview locals first then schedule the Skype interview.

Therefore if anyone knows anyone or openings in the Medford area, help a teacher out! :) I'm not against finding a job outside of teaching, but after's pretty much my passion. I am open to possibly doing something related to education, maybe even technology in education.

As a follower of my get yet ANOTHER classroom reveal (job pending of course)!!!!

Thank you for sticking with me and being so understanding as my family has been and will be going through this adjustment and huge step!

Monday, May 6, 2013

SUPER Field Day

This year the theme for our field day (because every great field day has a theme, right?!?!) was SUPERHEROES!

Each class had to choose a superhero to "be" or represent them. So during the awesomeness that is state testing, I was racking my brain trying to think of what superhero my class would be. I do the usual Pinterest search, then resorted to a Google image search...I know...what was I thinking?!?!

Awhile ago my class was the Falkenators for a fun run theme, it was great at the time, but it just didn't seem to fit this year. When I was about to give up and just let the kids pick a random superhero it came to me....


YEP we went Old School! (Side note conversation overheard...Specials teacher: "Awesome, you guys went old school, that great!"...few moments later...Student: "Old school? That's a good thing right?!?!")

Once I thought of it, I couldn't believe I didn't think of it earlier! It was perfect! We had a really great discussion about what being an underdog was and the meaning this particular name/superhero had for our class. I brought up the fact that we were the Underdogs of the 5th grade: we were the smallest class in number, and probably the shortest in total height. But not only that we were probably considered the underdogs because of the "make-up" of our class. At this point all my students were aware of the fact that I was the transition teacher (both 4th and 5th grade), but now at this point in the year....we talked about how we exceeded every one's expectations because we were ALL 5th graders now! We then went into a great conversation about how my expectations of our class have always been high and have never changed, however some other people may have looked at our class and said "oh that's expected of them" "they are transition" etc. Therefore in the white portion of our banner every student wrote one thing they were proud of themselves for accomplishing this year. They were so proud!

After deciding the superhero and choosing a banner, we got to work...

We then decided on our "costumes" t-shirts of course, but I couldn't just leave it at that. We actually put U's on our shirts...just like Underdog! Some of the students brought in shirts early and I (with permission of course) cut U's out of iron on paper that you can purchase, print your design on, then iron on. I simply didn't print anything, cut the U's, then ironed them on. For those students that didn't want or didn't have permission for a perm. U, I found sticky felt! It worked and they looked great! I was so thrilled that I had 100% participate.

Then I still felt as though something was missing. And it came to me....CAPES! What good a superhero without his/her cape?!?

This is us headed out to the field! And if you are looking for a cheap cape...head over to Hobby Lobby (I mean I NEVER go there!) and check out their bandanna selection! They make great capes, just safety pin them on and go!

And if you are looking for a few other superhero themes here are a few great banners!

Stay tuned for my news!!! I know, two posts in a week..what!?!? 
Here is a hint: