Thursday, February 21, 2013

Excuses... teachers we hear so many of them throughout the day. I know you will all agree with me. "It's not my fault, my mom forgot to put it in my backpack"..."But I finished it, I just left it at home"..."I told her to shut up because she needed to" (yep heard that one today)..."They (referring to those bang snaps) were just in my pocket and I gave them to only two friends"....(again heard that one today).

My days, as of late, seem filled with excuses...more so than usual. Including ones from my daughter..."I was trying to move the chair back like you told me to and it slipped" (this excuse came after the kitchen chair fell on her toe causing the skin to pull away from the toe nail, and of course after I told her to quit playing with the chair). My students are also "extra full" of them these days especially when it comes to writing. I know we are doing a TON of writing with the state writing test looming around the corner, and part of me is ready for it to be here and gone, but the other part knows I need to keep getting them ready. "But I filled the whole page" (yes you did...putting three words on each line) "But I did write in paragraphs, it's just one big paragraph" (oh yeah that excuse was given). question to you is...what excuses are you hearing lately? and what are you doing (if you are gearing up for a state writing test) to keep your students interested?

Finally I must share part of my own excuse with you all as to why things are sparse this year...the first being my class load. Not to whine or complain because we all have a ton of work to do, but being in a new grade level and having transition students has been a HUGE workload.

I have already met with my transition student's parents at least four times (face to face) this year. I have 7 that are in response to intervention (progress monitoring for possible SpEd referrals), three that have been referred to SpEd (more paperwork), all 10 have to have individualized learning plans, all 10 have to have academic contracts (because they aren't passing), some of them have to have lessons and grades given to them in the 4th grade content areas they didn't pass on top of regular 5th grade content (so I get to teach 2 grade levels), and then the regular 5th grade paperwork and content....not to mention conferences next week!

On top of that I was asked to help coach a high school basketball team (my old high school)...of which I was SO excited to do but that is extra time there.

And my biggest excuse yet...we FINALLY sold our house!!! But we will be moving to a temp location in less than a month. So I must apologize in advance for another lack of posts in the future. Is that a good excuse????


Miss Squirrels said...

"My mom didn't tell me I had homework"
that is my favorite-
Uh, you wrote it in your planner, and it is in your newsletter AND you have homework EVERY NIGHT except Friday-
excuses, excuses....
You have a lot on your plate, girlie- don't forget to take time for you:)
Going Nutty!

Anonymous said...

Ooh girl!!! You are super busy!!! It makes me feel better.

This excuse came from my stepson (he's 8) "I didn't think that 89 counted as a B and so I didn't ask my teacher if I had makeup work when I was sick. I mean, she knew I was gone, she didn't ask me if I felt better?" He is not rodeoing this weekend.... my excuse for this to him, "I forgot that you like to ride calves." Oops.

My four year old has best excuse for not brushing his teeth, "There was an alligator guarding my toothbrush"

Good grief!!!!!