Thursday, January 24, 2013

AWESOME Guided Math Games!

Again I went MIA for a little while..sorry! Things get hectic and while I have tons of ideas and things to share with you it always means staying up past my bedtime (yes..9pm is past my bedtime) to get them out in blogger world!

I have really been wanting to share these two AWESOME math games that are staples in my math tubs for centers. My students literally fight over these games!

The first one is Witzzle Pro. This game was used first with our math club. They would compete against each other then go to a tournament to compete against other schools. Last year we implemented a school-wide competition, but before I get into how you can use it as a school or just a center here is how you play.

The basic directions are: 1. Draw a card,  2. Get a target number (this can be done by rolling a die, two dice, larger number dice, or just using the date), 3. Select one row diagonal, vertical, or horizontal and using the numbers one time mixed with basic operations (add, subtract, divide, multiply) as well as the PEMDAS (order of operations)..solve for the target number (using a pencil and sheet of paper, they must write their equation) 4. Once a student has solved for the target number they will call out "Witzzle", 5. All other players must then put their pencils down and check that student's equation. 6. If the equation is correct that students takes the card and then chooses another (starting over again). 7. If the equation is not correct, that student is out for the round while the others try to find a correct equation, 8. The winner is the student with the most cards at the end of a given time.

Again, my students LOVE this game. So not only do we play it in class, our entire school plays a round of Witzzle Pro a week. On morning announcements a Witzzle card is given (we use Wednesday...Witzzle Wednesday!), the students copy the card down and our target number is always the date. Each teacher also has Witzzle Game Boards (enlarged empty Witzzle cards) hanging in their rooms. We copy the card onto the boards and the students have time to come up with equations. In fifth grade they have to come up with 2 different equations to be entered into our drawings...but they differentiate among different grade levels (example: smaller target numbers, one equation, use any of the numbers on the card, only add...etc). This year our 5th grade decided to have the students use a slip (attached here, for you to download) and after finding two equations entering in the classroom drawing. We, as a class will draw two names from the stack...those two names are then entered into the grade level drawing...we will then choose one winner for the entire 5th grade. The winner will get their picture taken with a trophy and it will be displayed on the wall (I'll try to add a pic of that display soon).

This game is a MUST HAVE for your math centers!

The next game that my kids fight over to play is called Albert's Insomnia. This is a math fluency game that was invented by someone right here in Georgia! We are actually having him come out and present at our Math Night next week.

And I am not going to try and type the directions for this game, instead if you are interested watch the video below!


jivey said...

Hey there! I'm your newest follower! I also LOVE Witzzle Pro for my 4th graders! They love it too!! :)
ideas by jivey

stephd said...

Can I just ask, what does PEMDAS stand for? I know BODMAS or BOMDAS but not PEMDAS?

Anonymous said...

Order of operations

Unknown said...

HeY stephd, you must be from the islands. I wondered the same thing when I first moved to his country only I was to ashame to ask since people don't always understand different cultures here.

Unknown said...

I have been trying to purchase Witzzle PRO cannot seem to find it anywhre. Any help?

Tricia said...

Ria, you can purchase it at Wang Education.

Thanks, Jessica, for this post. I love the idea of a Wittzle board for the classroom.

mary lou said...

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Anonymous said...

i couldnt understand this game? can anyone please explain.