Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Apologies and Update

I am very sorry about the link to my 100th day packet not working last night. During my frustration with my laptop (it was pretty much demanding that I update to Google Chrome, and began little by little denying me access to some of the things I use most often, including the option on blogger to upload my own photos) Whew....anyway in the midst of yelling at my computer I completely forgot to change the settings of my document from private to public when I uploaded it! I was wondering why I was getting so many requests to share it! I thought I became very popular :)  But needless to say it is all fixed now! Well it should be, hoping that my computer is not just playing tricks on me!

I also thought I would update you all with some fun pictures from our 100th day activity. The kids had a ton of fun! The most favorite activities among my 5th graders were: 100 Cup Tower, 100 Dominoes  and they did really well with the 100 Design. Check out our pictures!!!!

100 Cup Tower Center:

100 Prediction Center:

 100 Crazy Spins Center:

100 Writing Questions Center:

100 Design Center:

100 Dominoes (only had one group that actually made the 100 line up and then "domino" them!)

Here is the link again to grab my packet (each center rotation was about 20 min, had to do this throughout the day between other things)


Briawna said...

These look fun! Thank you for sharing! I especially like the pictures made from the #100! Too cute!

Mrs. Anderson said...

Thanks for sharing so many wonderful 100 Day activities.
Connie Anderson:)

Carly Helmet said...

Thank you for sharing your awesome activities! I adapted your 100 Prediction page so that my students could choose from a variety of food and non-food items that I had available in my classroom. Here it is!