Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Favorite Gift and FREE Labels!

Once again Christmas has come and gone and I am so excited that my hubby hit the nail on the head with the gifts (a few emails with links from Santa's helper helped a little bit). I got a Xron laminator/sticker maker/magnet maker...the big one! He got a sweet deal on Amazon. Can't wait to use it. Also upgraded the hair straightener, and got some hefty snow boots! But the best gift (if you haven't already peaked) drum roll please....

THE AWESOME pencil sharpener! AND it's red!!!! Yep I'm a teacher.

Something else to share with you all that I ran across today...FREE labels! Yep FREE! I love labels, I usually make my own so they match everything, but you can't pass up free. I'm not sure if you can change the colors in these...maybe you can, I just didn't try YET.

I LOVE BHG magazines, I can get so many ideas from there. But I think I prefer the actual magazine, for some reason the web page seems a little overwhelming to me...between the ads and all the different links, and click here to get here then go here. Anyway I'll let you decide, but enjoy the labels...I know I will.

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Collaboration Cuties said...

I JUST ordered that pencil sharpener, as a gift for myself, of course! It's scary we get so excited about classroom tools (markers, pens, etc.) but that's totally the inner teacher! School supplies are so fun!

Collaboration Cuties