Sunday, November 25, 2012

Too Much Turkey!

Well the week off flew by, of course! I spent the beginning of the week with my family, we took a trip to Tennessee for a few days. We had a ton of fun, then went right into the Thanksgiving Day festivities.  I swear I gained 5lbs on that day alone. I then spent the next two days purging the house of all the Fall decor and old Halloween candy (when my daughter wasn't watching, because that too was not helping my waistline), putting up the Christmas decor (because if I don't do it on this break, it won't happen until the next break...which is Christmas break), and finally getting to go through my daughter's toys (again when she wasn't watching) and clothes. Whew, no wonder this week flew by!

Now on to school the Turkey Survival Kit was a HUGE hit! It was probably the best persuasive writing my kids have done EVER! No joke, they loved it so much...along with the Cornucopia of Thanks, I was really impressed. I think my students do a little better with more structure and a little more prompting when it comes to writing. Well that and making it fun, I do have to jump through hoops and put on a show when it comes to writing...the groans that happen when I tell them to get out their writing journals are unreal!

This is my first year in fifth so I am nervous about the writing test. We start a little sample of writing bootcamp here in the next week or so, after wrapping up our informational writing (the state packet, which again is very structured and therefore they are LOVING it). I have also started making my kiddos write a page a day response to a prompt given to them every morning.

With all of that said I am thinking of two things...doing something similar to the Turkey Survival Kit, maybe a Gingerbread Man something (I will share it all with you once I wrap my head around it). Also I will keep you all informed of this fun writing bootcamp we have coming up...what do you all do to gear up for the writing test (if you have to give one!)?

Finally on a personal note... I am starting my New Year's resolution early, (because I don't make New Year's resolutions) I am totally starting to work out more and eat a little healthier. I have to slim down and my first goal is going to be Dec. 28th, why this date?, well because I have booked our family picture session with this AWESOME photographer on this date, and while it will be cold and I will have to bundle up....I still want to look a little better :) Okay so now that I have written it, and put it out there in blog world I must do it!

So I will leave you with a pic or two of our fun trip, since I have no freebies to share or pics of the classroom :(  Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break! Now to get through the next holiday rush....first being the retake of the state test for my 10 (yes 10) transition students happening this coming week, so keep them in your thoughts!

Okay sorry no pictures....having some problems downloading :(  I'll post some soon, sorry to tease!

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