Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"I saw this idea on Pinterest"

How many of you start a lot of your conversations with co-teachers that way? I know we do!

What did we do back in the day before there were blogs or Pinterest?

So...I saw this idea on Pinterest...seriously I did! A few of my teacher friends had pinned it and I couldn't wait to use it. The students LOVED it and were so excited to use them.

Place Value Cups (or renamed by my students...it's a like a Decoder or a Vault Lock)

I gave each student five cups and a blue pen to start with. Depending on grade level, abilitiy, and lesson you can adjust how many cups you give your students. What's awesome about this is that I bought 50 cups for less than a dollar!

You have to discuss/talk with the students as to how all the cups have to stay in the same direction. This was a little hard for me because I am left-handed...but they caught on pretty well.

Because I used these cups with my decimal unit we started with marking a decimal point on one. The remainder of the cups they had to mark with the numbers 0-9 on the rim of the cup. Spacing was a little bit of an issue, but again they caught on  (maybe after one or two mess ups).

This is how they were looking as they were writing the numbers:

I also love that because we were using them for decimals including whole numbers and decimals, they could move the cups around to make the number they needed.

So here is how I used them:

I either called out a number or wrote one on the board using word form or fraction form:

This is three and three hundredths

 This would be two hundred sixty-five thousandths

You can also use this for "regular" place value. This would be one hundred and fourty-three 

 And decimals again...nineteen ten-thousandths

We had a lot of fun using these, hope you do too!


Katrina said...

I think I use this phrase at least once a day. I also saw this idea on pinterest too and I've considered using it when we got to our place value unit. I hadn't thought about using it with decimals but it works. Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

This is a good idea for decimals. When doing it without decimals (regular place value, like hundreds/tens/ones), it is helpful to put the entire number, not just the digit. For example, to make 341, take a cup with 300 nest it in a cup with 40 so the 40 covers up the 00 in 300 and nest that in a cup with 1. It preserves the meaning of the place value.

vicky1970 said...

Hi Jessica -- I can totally relate. I totally start sentences off with that too. I love actually doing the things I see - don't you feel like you accomplished something instead of just pinning away. Cute stuff on your blog!
Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

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