Sunday, August 26, 2012

Guided Reading and Math

Last year I started Guided Math and shared a few things with you all, including a checklist that I used with my students. It was a great tool and really held my students accountable. As I am about to begin letting my students run wild begin groups/centers I felt I need to streamline my checklist a little, as well as make it a little more "fifth gradish".

So here are both my Guided Reading and Guided Math checklists. Click on them to download them.

For's pretty simple. After each mini lesson I always give them 5 to 10 questions/problems to work on at their seats, to check for understanding (that is seatwork). With with teacher...well that's pretty obvious. As part of a schoolwide initiative we are incorporating Exemplars. They will have to complete at least one a week. Finally my you can see from the picture below I keep my different games/activities in numbered tubs. Now I don't plan to use all six of them every week. For instance this week I will use just two tubs...One: Roll A Factor game and Two: Multiplication War. As we learn other games and activities I'll add them in...maybe a few task cards here and there as well. I am going to use the little red sign to write what each tub contains in it.

As for reading this week...again pretty simple. Read and respond is independent reading and writing in their journal, this must be done daily. Meet with teacher...again pretty obvious. my listening center, I usually check books on CD out of our public library and let the students listen to the books (I have a splitter, so 2 to 6 people can listen at a time). As for the math I will not start or use all 6 tubs each time. I think I will start with Making Words, Word Ladders, etc. I want to eventually incorporate technology as a center as well. We will see how this goes!


A Teacher Without a Class said...

I like the idea that the students have their own personal checklist--sometimes the poster gets confusing for the student!

Kristy said...

I love the idea of a checklist. I've used them before and they're great for the kids to keep track of where they go. I also have to say that I love your black and red color scheme!
Teachin' First

Kimberly said...

I love the guided math and reading checklists! Thanks for sharing!
Funky First Grade Fun

Unknown said...

Love the ideas. I have a guided reading binder in my store, and lots of supplements, decor, freebies and more. I like your ideas for keeping things organized !

New follower now :)
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