Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Night Before...

It's the night before the teacher's go back to work (well at least where I work). I spent my day making things for MY classroom! I love making my buckets, but it was nice to take a day and make some things for myself (well for my room). So as I get ready to head to bed and TRY and sleep (not think about the millions of things I need to get done this week). I have a few great posts planned for this week, so stay tuned.

A caddy for me! Going to put clinic cards, hand sanitizer, etc. in it. We will carry it from place to place with us, well my teacher's assistant will. 

Saw this on Pinterest....LOVE IT! I am a clean/neat freak so this is perfect. They put it on their desk when they use the restroom then use it when they get back!

These took the longest. Numbers for my book boxes (that I NEED to find, IKEA was sold out!), and numbers for the bookbag hooks.


Traci said...

Everything looks fantastic.
Teacher's Assistant? what, what?! Please tell me you mean one of your kiddos and not a real life, honest to goodness adult aide of some sort... cuz I will be mighty jealous. :D
❤Dragonflies in First ❤

Miss Willis said...

Looks great! I almost fell out of my chair seeing teacher's assistant!! Good luck tomorrow.

Erin McCown said...

ABSULUTELY PRECIOUS!!!! You did a great job!! Good luck tomorrow!!

Math with Ms. McCown

Second Grade Chatter said...

It all looks great!! I have a red and black themed classroom too. I am new to blogging and have just but my debut post up. I am excited about sharing this year. I would love for you to check out my blog and become a follower!

Erin said...

Oh NO!!! I saw that your profile said you're a southern girl and if that means you went to the IKEA in ATL, I'm in trouble! I haven't bought my book boxes yet either! :(

Elementary Adventure

Rebecca said...

I love the numbers you made!! I have a black and white polka dot theme with pops of red!! I just may need to make some for myself. Thanks for the inspiration and good luck getting some rest!


First Grade Fascination

ThinkWonder Teach said...

Oh! I love those numbers - any plans on sharing?? That is on my list of things to do but it is toward the bottom of the list as there is too much that has to be done by Sept 1. I keep hearing the star wars "dun dund dund" eerie music each time I say Sept 1.

Think, Wonder, & Teach

sydney said...

I went back too. I'm in Gwinnett. I'd love to know where you find the buckets, so I can have some for my room. Thanks!

Beg, Borrow, and Teach! said...

I got my cardboard book boxes this year from Really Good Stuff. They're about $22/12 (not nearly as cheap as Ikea, sorry). Here's the link: