Sunday, June 24, 2012

Boggle and Add It Up

There are two things I know I want to incorporate in my classroom next year....Boggle (which most of you are familiar with) and Add It Up (I found the idea on Pinterest, which led me to Live Laugh and Love to Learn)

I LOVE how it is set up, I even love how cute it is...but it doesn't match my classroom. So of course I had to change it up a little bit. I also like how the number circles are written on and not premade so that you don't have to make so many and can change it up a little bit.

My thoughts are to make one of the add it up center as well as a boggle center in my room to use when work is completed or even as an independent center...we will see how all works in my class.

As some of you know I am also going to be teaching 5th grade next year, so I am thinking I will start with the simple version of boggle (directions are attached for both versions) and then move up to the "normal" version of boggle. Then for add it up I will start with the add it up game (directions attached), but using three and four digit numbers. Then...this is where I am stuck, so any ideas will be greatly appreciated, I want to make it a little more difficult. Meaning maybe have them multiply two and three digit numbers (but would need a cute name), again I haven't taught 5th grade in a long time so I am not sure what else I would want to do. And of course I would make new title labels and directions then share them with you all. I am just needing please share!

Stay tuned for pictures of the games in my own classroom.

Lastly don't forget to head over and like Classroom DIY. I am being featured tomorrow with a cute DIY classroom game! There are a TON of great ideas for you to make, you won't be disappointed!

Click below to retrieve boggle and add it up (red and black) FYI: the blank circles aren't able to be viewed properly until you actually hit to download it and view the document in Adobe.


Lisa R. said...

Shriek! This will match my classroom theme too. Thank you so much!!

Learning Is Something to Treasure

Lisa said...

I hadn't heard of Add It Up. THANKS! I'll make a smaller version to use near my calendar. My firsties love Boggle (regular version!) and to save space in my wee room, I just use magnetic letters on the white board with a grid I draw. Not too fancy but they love it. I would love to be able to use the nice one you have. Fifth grade? WOW! Good luck! A fun age!

DeLaina W.W. said...

these are cute!!!! thanks for sharing!!!!

Ellie said...

What clever ideas! Thank you for sharing.

And I loved your contributing post at Classroom DIY... so much I re-posted that one, too! :)

Vanessa said...

I absolutely fell in love with your set up ideas! We don't start school till after Labor Day. So, I'm slowly getting into your other posts as I get my room ready. I'm setting up my boggle and addit up boards and love the font you used. Do you sell the complete alphabet? I could see endless a welcome bunting:)

Jaclyn Griffith said...

I LOVE this idea! Hoping to incorporate it into math in the next week or so. I am going to change the name to "Math It Up" to provide for differentiation since we switch for math classes amongst our 2nd grade team. That way my lower students could do something like arrange the numbers in order from least to greatest or compare <, >, or = while my advanced students who are doing some multiplication work can do so all with the same board. We have math journals in our math folders so I am just going to have my students write their answers in there. Thanks for sharing!!

Jaclyn Griffith said...

Okay... I got so excited about this that I came up with the following ideas for games with the same numbers in place...
1. 10 more, 10 less- write the number then write the number that is 10 more and 10 less (my students really struggled with this mental math concept on our last test).
2. 100 more, 100 less- same as above.
3. Greater Than, Less Than- compare two numbers. Find as many possible combinations as you can.
4. Add it up- select two numbers and add them. If the answer is even, circle it. If it is odd, draw a square around it.
5. Difference Domination- select two numbers and find the difference. Same even and odd task as above.
6. Math Maniac- Pick a number, write (insert random number here) addition sentences where this number is the sum and subtraction sentences where this number is the difference.

I am not good with the cutesy graphics and what not, so I am typing the directions in MS word and mounting them to cute scrapbooking paper. So excited about this that I am going into school tomorrow to get it set up! Thanks again for the spark!