Tuesday, March 13, 2012


As spring rolls around and the stores start stocking their shelves with everything "srpingy", bright, and beautiful...I start stalking all the stores for new buckets! People ask where I get them from, and I pretty much look EVERYWHERE. But this time of year, because buckets tend to be seasonal, they are EVERYWHERE. I love it! So I knew one of my favorite stores carried metal beverage buckets and metal utensil caddies. I could have kicked myself last year for not going with my gut and picking them up, so when I wanted to use caddies for my tables/groups I had to settle with what was left over...which wasn't too bad, but I knew they wouldn't last for much more than a year.

The old caddies...baskets

Therefore as soon as I saw them in the store I grabbed them, and have to admit...decorated them that night! I love how they came out and can't wait to put them in my FB "store". 

Have to admit the kids were excited too!

Here are two more organizers that we made in our continuous review of our roots:

This is a classic window foldable, with four flaps, we just cut the top two off to make a title bar

On the outside the students wrote the word and definition, on the inside they drew a picture and wrote a sentence. 

This one is what is called the envelope foldable. I just change it up a little and instead of the four flaps being long triangles, they bent the point of the triangle back to the top fold, and then cut off the smaller triangle they just made (hope that makes some sense). This one is a favorite.

On top of the flap they wrote the word they chose. Under the flap they had to write the definition and a sentence, some chose to draw a picture too, I didn't require it because of the area being smaller than usual.



FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

I love the red and white polka dots!! (not at all obvious from my classroom! lol)
First Grade Blue SKies

Kelly B aka Queen Bee! said...

Oh I love the table buckets you have. Where did you find those? I haven't seen them with dividers which would be fabulous for my tables-stuff is always out of "order" in the totes I use. Also, did you use mod podge to put your ribbon and labels on the buckets? I don't have one of those machines but sure wish I did! Ideas going now! LOL

Love your room!


Becky said...

I love your classroom! I just awarded you 2 blog awards. Stop by and check it out! http://lessonplansandlattes.blogspot.com/2012/03/new-job.html

Lesson plans & Lattes

Julie said...

The buckets are super cute!

Do you follow a curriculum for your roots or did you create your own? I am just starting to put a vocabulary focus on roots and am looking for any/all information!


Beg, Borrow, and Teach! said...

I'm nominating your blog as one of my top 10 picks. Stop by my blog for your award!

Mrs. Poland said...

I am going to need a set of 5 of those new buckets you have! Where did you find them? I am still drooling over the trash cans! How do you make vinyl stick? My first, second, third, fourth... and 10th attempt were disastrous!

Think, Wonder, & Teach

Anonymous said...

I am a 2nd year English teacher new this semester to high school ESL. I love your ideas and am so thankful I found your blog via Pinterest. Thank you for sharing!

Chrissy in TX

Dandelions and Dragonflies said...

@Julie...Greek/Latin roots are part of our curriculum, new this year. Send me your email address and I'll be happy to share a few that we are required to teach.

Ms. Morton said...

Wow! Your room looks so pretty and well organized! Fantastic job! I am your newest follower! Come and visit my blog when you have a chance?



Jessica said...

I love your table baskets!! I am a big fan of organization. :) I am your newest follower.

Apples and Papers

Heather's Heart said...

How cute are all of your Spring decorations!!! I love it all!

What a wonderful place to learn! =)

Heather's Heart

Katrina said...

I love your foldables for the roots. I will be using those this school year. Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

You had an example of a foldable that I have been wanting to use for a long time. I found it and the directions make perfect sense. Thank you so much for sharing!