Sunday, January 22, 2012

Soggy Sunday Crafting

I have only been working on this craft for probably a month. I don't know why it was taking me so long, but I have finally got it done. Like one of my fellow bloggers I had seen these on Pinterest (can't find the original pin right now), but I too thought what a great idea! This way the students don't stick the pass in their mouth (okay they may still do that), but it doesn't shouldn't get left places and, well it was not expensive. So we will see how they will "do" with these. My husband seems to think they won't last long. I will say painting clothes pins is not very easy! And having a long last name was a little challenging

But I like how they came out. I'll post another picture of them actually in my classroom later. The other pictures are crafts that were done at a Cricut LOVE crafting afternoon that I put together...I think it was pretty successful (I didn't take pictures of our first, we called it a warm up).

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MDP said...

Too late now but did you see the pin on how to dye clothes pins!! So much easier and such a great simple idea!!