Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Quick Lesson: Fraction Word Problems

My students really grasp fractions and decimals, but when it comes to factions and decimals in word problems...forget it! Especially if it is multiple steps! So I spent an entire lesson and small group review how we solve word problems and how to solve fraction word problems.

So here is my lesson and how we solve word problems:

1. We reviewed the steps in solving word problems and the students wrote them down.
    Step One: What is the problem asking?
                        a. underline important information
                        b. circle key words
    Step Two: Decide what key words mean: make notes!
    Step Three: Solve: write and show equations, draw pictures

2. I then gave each student a copy of this word problem (click to retrieve printable)

3. We proceded to go through each step using our notes and the word problem in the interactive note taking way: for each step the students used a different colored pencil. They would box the step with that colored pencil, then using the same color follow that step.

4. I then gave each student their own word problem (got them from TPT, click here to see), and card stock

5. They had specific directions as to how to complete their word problem.


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Kelli said...

Love the interactive math journals, and love the kid-friendly note-taking! Looks fantastic!