Monday, December 26, 2011

What are your plans?

This is why I started back on the treadmill today! I have done nothing but eat and lounge, lounge and eat! And don't be jealous of the ever so famous fingerprint plate...I know you have a fingerprint _______(insert item here) laying around your house or classroom! Fess up...what do you have????

My mind is still on vacation, which is okay...I think. I have jumbled thoughts about what I want to do in the classroom when we get back...well the county already tells me what to do, but mostly I guess how to do it. My school bag is still sitting unopened in the corner of my room, take that back my daughter did open it to try and find something exciting to get into and all she found was binders with she lost interest.

I have tons of ideas "butterflying" around in my head. I really need to harness the energy and be productive. The reason I say this is because I know what it will be like the Monday we get back if I don't do something now. I will have ALL of these ideas, get some of them started...then get frustrated that I didn't have enough time to get things done. If you guys are like me I am thinking hard about the next 9wks. I really need to make a lot of progress in the curriculum as well as getting those low kids where they need to be. We don't have long until those benchmarks (again), as well as the big CRCT and we've got A LOT of work to do!

So my daughter goes to day care tomorrow. I have an errand or two to run and all that's left of the Christmas decor is the tree and outside lights that need to be put away. I am hoping I can get my thoughts together, maybe a few freebies made, and other things. Oh not to mention I have three crafts I'm in the middle of that I should probably finish. Pretty high expectations for one day...good thing I have a few more days off. 

I did manage to sneak a peak (mostly to remind myself) of our instructional calendar for the next nine weeks...superlative adverbs, using commas, persuasive writing (which I enjoy), point of view...that's just some of the reading and writing.

I do vaguely remember that this time last year I think I had finally gotten the hang of my guided reading/Daily 5/center Reading stuff. So I am anxious to review my plans from last year, to get that spark back. So I ask you...what are your plans looking like? what activities/center items are you looking for?


Unknown said...

OK..after seeing that, I am hungry again!! lol
First Grade Blue SKies

Miss Dennis said...

I taught science lab last year before being displaced, and I have a tote bag from Hobby Lobby with everyone's fingerprints on it. Most of the classes did caterpillars, but there are a few little critters like what's on your plate.

ps, I'm a fellow Gwinnett teacher, and I'm in love with your blog!


Dandelions and Dragonflies said...

Welcome Miss Dennis...checked out your blog too, cute, it's great to find fellow Gwinnett teachers!