Sunday, December 11, 2011

Class Christmas Ornament

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Unfortunately the sick bug hit my house once again, so I was not able to post this as early as I wanted, and I don't have all the pictures, but I had the chance to get the few directions and pictures I do have I took the opportunity. I'm sure you still have time to do this, or just add it to your bank for next year.

The supplies you will need are clear ornaments (Hobby Lobby, were on sale for 50% off), mod podge, Christmas napkins, ribbon, glitter (I usually get the clear glitter, so you can see the print of the napkin)

First have the students separate their napkins. There is usually one to to layers under the printed layer of the napkin. The only layer they should be left with is the printed layer. 

Next have the students tear the napkin into pieces (not too tiny or it will take FOREVER for them to finish)

Cover a small area of the ornament with mod podge, lay a piece of the napkin on the ornament, then brush a little more of the mod podge over it. Continue until the entire ornament is covered. Once done I usually brush the ornament once again with another layer of mod podge. Then generously shake glitter or roll the ornament in the glitter. Once dry I usually tie a bow with ribbon and hot glue it to the top of the ornament.

It is so simple, yet they are beautiful when done. This year I am also going to try to place 2011 number stickers (cut from self adhesive vinyl paper from my cricut) prior to using the glitter. I will post pictures Monday night of the finished product. So stay tuned.

Hope you enjoy! Happy Holidays!!

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