Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Like most of you I have been busy getting all things Christmas done. I have fought traffic, lines, rude people...but have also gotten together with a few friends, had play dates, made cookies, put together a HUGE doll house, and wrapped all the gifts. I think I only have to "pre" make our traditional family egg bake and monkey bread, stick them in the fridge and then I will be ready for tomorrow. 

I can't wait to see how my little girl is going to react this year! She is so excited and actually is sort of getting this Santa/Christmas thing. It's too cute! The biggest thing is that she is giving her pacifiers to Santa, so he can take them to the little babies. In return Santa is going to bring her a special gift just for giving away her paci. She's been all talk, so I am anxious to see how this is going to go down. We have her down to only using her paci at night (I type this and she is sitting next to me, enjoying her last day with the paci as we speak), but on a "normal" day she only uses it at night. When she wakes up in the morning she throws it down and says "I don't need a paci, I a big girl!"....but at night she asks for it anyway.

Side note: did you know that a mouse family is called a mischief? Just saw that on Leap Frog video (thanks netflix) my daughter is watching.
I am currently racking my brain on what I want to share with you all, what I want to make, and what lessons I want to plan for the week back to school. I am pretty sure I am going to use a Snow theme. There is so much going around "blog world" about snowmen, snow, and such. A few ideas:
  • I have a unit I purchased called Snow Day, and it has inferencing skills with it (it will be a review for my class). 
  • Sort through multiple snow day type books to decide how to use them (note: must see what Reading skills I need to be addressing for the third nine weeks) 
  • Math center...make really cute snowmen out of circles, reviewing the parts of a circle. 
  • Have an indoor snow ball fight, with wads of paper (have something written on the paper from each student, wad it up, throw, try to figure out who wrote what).
  • Snow ball movement (use cotton balls and straws for all types of moving snow balls around)
  • Snowmen glyphs
I know there is more, I have bookmarked a ton of blogs and soon as I get it all together I will hopefully be able to share more with you all. 

Have a WONDERFUL Christmas and enjoy spending time with your families!!!

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