Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Checklist, not checked!

I woke up my daughter to only hear her "barking" cough.UGH! After much mental debate ("it's just because the heat is on, have some juice, okay it's stopped, nope there it is with gagging") I got her to lay back in bed with her daddy and tried to relay my thought out plan of attack for the day to a groggy moody husband (he doesn't wake up nicely, pretty much ever). He could take the morning shift, make sure she got food in her stomach before starting her on the medication (fortunately the doctor gave us 6 extra doses "just in case"), I would head into work and then take 1/2 a day so that he could go work his part time before having to work the night shift. My little girl wasn't fond of the idea and really really wanted to go to school, she kept saying "I better mommy, I go to school" (oh to cherish those words now, soon I will be dragging her to school).

I was mad because I had ALL that extra time this morning that if I had known she was going to stay home, I would have headed to the classroom EARLY. Oh well. I was still running a little ahead of schedule so I stopped at Walmart, picked up the darn glue sticks (which they were pretty low on, so I am guessing it's not just my class that has the eating problem), picked up cups for little bits Christmas party and a gift to exchange (just in case due to her possibly being sick the rest of the week I could drop off at her day care), and caved into my making cast, print, and molds idea.

Unfortunately the rest of the day was not as productive (at school that is). I immediately made plans for the second half of the day (meaning I had to rotate my schedule slightly to leave particular things for the sub and try to get through the other stuff in the morning). I only made it through 1/2 of my running records that I wanted to do, and don't know if it was good or bad but left the play dough and molds for the sub (guess I will find out in the morning). 

So that means tomorrow morning will be Guided Math and Reading Centers while I call you over to work on your ornament or something like that. Then our Winter Party in the afternoon. Plus side to being home this afternoon I graded a few papers, did a few loads of laundry, snuggled with my little one, and got to take these adorable pics of her drawings while I made dinner. And drum roll please....FOUND the vintage Christmas T-shirts!!!!!!!

As for the Christmas presents for my kids well that worked itself out...because I didn't get to stop for anything this afternoon or go anywhere (so homework pass and pencil it is!), thanks for the other ideas. I too would give my kids new crayons and colored pencils (that I had bought at the beginning of the school year when they were on sale), but when I changed schools in September I had to use my back up supply to "supply" my new class with some. 

Enjoy the pictures:
Drawing mommy

This is how she explains it: "Those mommy's ears (the extra pair of arms coming out of my head), that's mommy's boo boo (the lovely replica of my lines on my forehead), that mommy's hair (the little tuft on top)

The best purchase ever (and we didn't even have a kid at the time) This is a dinner tray we bought when my husband had surgery. The top is white board...PERFECT, and she loves it!!!

Now drawing the whole family

"That me as a baby (the tiny person on the bottom)"

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