Sunday, December 11, 2011


So as I was posting and working on another center worksheet for my kiddos...I hit 300! Therefore, I will share my Guided Reading center worksheet. I have been working with my students on sight words and individual word lists. I know, something most of you probably did at the beginning of the year, but what can I say...I am a little behind, and my kids can use all the practice with vocabulary and sight words! After finding which words they struggle with (using sight word lists and such I collected)...I have given each of them a book ring of five words to work with throughout the week. I will post pictures of how I have organized and stored each student's ring (hint: BUCKETS). So as one of their word work centers they will take their ring of words, one of the worksheets (glue it in their journal)...and complete the worksheet.

Click here to retrieve the My Vocabulary Word Work journal worksheet.


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thanks for posting the vocabulary word work page-it's great!

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