Sunday, November 13, 2011

Super Sunday!

Well I thought I would have had this posted sooner, but it took a lot longer than I thought to make the Digging for Divison game. To "piggy back" off my guest blogger about math centers, I will share a little bit about how I am doing things this year. Guided Math is new to me this year, and even more to me this month (due to changing schools). Therefore I am still open to any suggestions, ideas, etc.  To refresh your memory, here are a few pictures of my Guided Math "centers"/rotation "stuff"

In the pocket chart I have 10 different math skill lessons/worksheets/practice games etc. My pockets are in place of tubs most teachers use for Guided Math.  I'll need to update this picture soon, because I ended up buying yet another set of drawers where I have put my math literature and math games (these are games that don't change...RIO, Salute, Math Memory, etc.)

I use the "pizza pans" to control groups. In the clear pockets are the numbers that match a pocket containing skill lessons they must complete throughout the week. This way I can rearrange groups AND pockets.

I ended up making a checklist for the students (very similar to one I found for Guided Reading). This way we have consistancy between the two, same procedures, and same expectations. I LOVE that they have the checklist, it makes them more accountable for their choices and decisions. I do allow my students to make their own choices, however if I feel they are not making good choices, or can't handle making appropriate ones then I can and will step in at any time, especially when they are starting to lose sight of the reason for Guided Math (can you tell this happened this week).

So I thought I would share my checklist with you, hope you enjoy (click to get it!):

This check sheet was modeled after Christina Bainbridge's of Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge Daily 5 Reading Checklist, and can be found here

I have also added a fun new division skill practice packet to my TPT account as well as a FREE Mimio (properties of multiplication) for those of you wanting to try it (you can download it through google docs, sorry there is no image due to it being a Mimio document)! Please leave me comments/feedback on anything you see here or on my TPT page. I hope you find it all useful and helpful. Have a wonderful evening and week before Thanksgiving!


Kristen Smith said...

I love the idea to use the "pizza trays" for center/group rotations!! :)

I'm your newest follower! I would love it if you stopped by!

A Day in First Grade

Lisamarie said...

Pizza pans are a super idea! I have found pie plates work great too! Check out your neighborhood GoodWill. You can pick these up super inexpensive!!

Christina Bainbridge said...

I found this post while searching for some guided math links for my colleague.

Your check sheet seems to be modeled after my Daily Five check sheet found here:

I am just wondering if you would be so kind as to mention that this is what you modeled yours after seeing as the formatting and the wording on the back is so similar.

Thank you so much!

*Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge*