Friday, November 25, 2011

An Award

Must thank Going Nutty and Stickers, Scissors, and Smiles for giving me the Sunshine award!

I've been on a computer/tech break and am just now getting back into the swing of things. So I have to answer these questions and also tell you my favorite 10 blogs. 
  • Favorite color? probably black (not to be morbid)...but it goes with EVERYTHING
  • Favorite animal?  anything that does not shed, mess up my house, wake me up in the middle of the animals, just not in my house (too much)
  • Favorite number?  15
  • Favorite drink?   McDonald's sweat tea
  • Facebook or Twitter? Facebook
  • Your passion? technology
  • Giving or getting presents? Giving...I love finding interesting, individualized, one of a kind gifts
  • Favorite day? Thursday, because I know Friday is next
  • Favorite flowers? Gerber Daisies
Now to my 10 favorite blogs:
And because I am so far behind...most of them already have this award :)  But enjoy!

1 comment:

Katie King said...

You are sweet for putting me on your list even though I have been terribly inconsistent with blogging lately. I have the best of intentions :)