Friday, November 25, 2011

Had to share...

My Thanksgiving Family Photo...we should win a contest!


Here are just some of the questions that I get asked frequently...not in any particular order. 

Do you print your labels/tags with fonts or use border?  The polka dot bordered labels were done from my computer. I found a border and used Publisher (my favorite program) I am also fontaholic!

Love the giant flower pot, where did you get it? It's call a whiskey barrel and pretty sure we got them at Home Depot.

What your student population is like? very very diverse
How many students you have? did have 17 (usually 23) after being displaced and at a new school I now have 22. This question is usually asked because of how my desks are arranged, I love grouping my desks so I always make it work. 

Do you have a teacher assistant/parapro? no, we do use the push in I certain points in the day I have a math specialist come in (and brings 4 other students with her) and the same with a reading specialist. 

What grade do you teach? Third
Where do you work? Most of you have guessed...Gwinnett County...YEP!

Are the desks focused on a particular white board or projector? Yes...I use my interactive board ALL day! So I really try and make sure that every student can see the board as well as leave room in the front of the room for students to sit and interact. Our projectors are mounted from the ceiling (very helpful).

How did you get your student displays to stick to the cinderblock walls?HOT GLUE! Which means to help out the custodians I keep a bladed spatula to get the glue off. 

Where did you find your clear gems? Hobby Lobby...just keep looking and you will find the right ones and right size. I go there at least once a week to keep an eye on inventory and sales. 

Where did you get the trash cans? What are you letters cut from on the trash can? Is it self-adhesive? Dollar Store! I use a Cricut for some of my letters, but not all. I cut the letters from self-adhesive vinyl paper sold at Hobby Lobby with the Cricut supplies. 

Love all your large custom font signs. Do you buy the letters? Or print them off your computer? some of both as well as my Cricut..see the pics below.

Letters cut with Cricut, self adhesive vinyl

Store bought (The School Box)

Cricut cut letters, self adhesive vinyl paper

Again cut with my Cricut, self adhesive vinyl paper

Cut with my Cricut

Store bought (The School Box)

Store bought (The School Box)...arrow made in Publisher (printed, cut, laminated)
 Hope I have answered some of your questions...feel free to ask more :)

An Award

Must thank Going Nutty and Stickers, Scissors, and Smiles for giving me the Sunshine award!

I've been on a computer/tech break and am just now getting back into the swing of things. So I have to answer these questions and also tell you my favorite 10 blogs. 
  • Favorite color? probably black (not to be morbid)...but it goes with EVERYTHING
  • Favorite animal?  anything that does not shed, mess up my house, wake me up in the middle of the animals, just not in my house (too much)
  • Favorite number?  15
  • Favorite drink?   McDonald's sweat tea
  • Facebook or Twitter? Facebook
  • Your passion? technology
  • Giving or getting presents? Giving...I love finding interesting, individualized, one of a kind gifts
  • Favorite day? Thursday, because I know Friday is next
  • Favorite flowers? Gerber Daisies
Now to my 10 favorite blogs:
And because I am so far behind...most of them already have this award :)  But enjoy!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Super Sunday!

Well I thought I would have had this posted sooner, but it took a lot longer than I thought to make the Digging for Divison game. To "piggy back" off my guest blogger about math centers, I will share a little bit about how I am doing things this year. Guided Math is new to me this year, and even more to me this month (due to changing schools). Therefore I am still open to any suggestions, ideas, etc.  To refresh your memory, here are a few pictures of my Guided Math "centers"/rotation "stuff"

In the pocket chart I have 10 different math skill lessons/worksheets/practice games etc. My pockets are in place of tubs most teachers use for Guided Math.  I'll need to update this picture soon, because I ended up buying yet another set of drawers where I have put my math literature and math games (these are games that don't change...RIO, Salute, Math Memory, etc.)

I use the "pizza pans" to control groups. In the clear pockets are the numbers that match a pocket containing skill lessons they must complete throughout the week. This way I can rearrange groups AND pockets.

I ended up making a checklist for the students (very similar to one I found for Guided Reading). This way we have consistancy between the two, same procedures, and same expectations. I LOVE that they have the checklist, it makes them more accountable for their choices and decisions. I do allow my students to make their own choices, however if I feel they are not making good choices, or can't handle making appropriate ones then I can and will step in at any time, especially when they are starting to lose sight of the reason for Guided Math (can you tell this happened this week).

So I thought I would share my checklist with you, hope you enjoy (click to get it!):

This check sheet was modeled after Christina Bainbridge's of Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge Daily 5 Reading Checklist, and can be found here

I have also added a fun new division skill practice packet to my TPT account as well as a FREE Mimio (properties of multiplication) for those of you wanting to try it (you can download it through google docs, sorry there is no image due to it being a Mimio document)! Please leave me comments/feedback on anything you see here or on my TPT page. I hope you find it all useful and helpful. Have a wonderful evening and week before Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


I know it's a little short notice, but for all my "late" night readers, I just finished making my BIG 5 (our daily math warm up). In honor of 11-11-11...all the answers are 11. We will see how long it takes them to realize this :)  I have a few other 11 activities, but I think I am mostly going to try and "sneak" 11 in whenever and where ever I can, should be pretty fun and interesting.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Do any of my readers use Mimio or EBeam devices for the interactive boards? Was wondering if I had a freebie or give-a-way, would they be useful to any readers???