Monday, August 15, 2011

New Bucket and Desk Setup

Thought I would share my newest custom designed bucket, and believe it or not it is not for a teacher...for a little guys 1st birthday! Can't wait to see it in use.

Also as some of you teachers out there are still setting up classrooms, thinking of setting up your classroom, or already ready to change your seating arrangement are a few pictures I took of seating arrangements around my school. I noticed that as I looked at different blogs and pictures I kept asking myself "where do the kids sit?". Hope it gives you a few ideas. 
I convinced her to change her boards...they came out cute! Also love this seating arrangement

Another view of her room, the two other groups...this leaves a nice open space in the middle
This is one of the smaller rooms, due to the movable wall, she also wanted more space in the front.
This room also has extra desks behind the shelf with red boxes for possible push in students
Younger classroom set up, this was during pre-planning so don't mind the supplies
Special Ed. classroom. I like how she made the four desks like a kidney table (those are in high demand in our school)

Hope this helped or even inspired you! Happy Monday!


Mrs. Karod said...

Love, Love, Love that bucket! Where did you get it?

M said...

OMG I LOVE!!! the bucket. Where did you get it? I so want one. Thanks for sharing. :)

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Patti said...

Thank you so much for posting the desk arrangement pictures. I kept asking myself the same question...where do they sit!! This gave me some good ideas. And, your bucket is adorable!,,,,

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