Saturday, August 13, 2011

Glass Stone Magnet Tutorial

For those of you that saw these on my classroom reveal blog, here is how I made them...super easy!

Materials needed:
For some reason blogger keeps rotating this picture...but you need Mod Podge, backing paper (cardstock), glass rocks (gems), circle punch, image/stickers/or paper of your choice, magnets

Take your stickers and place them on the cardstock, or use the cardstock you have chosen.

Using your circle punch (upside down so that you can see where you are punching) cut out the images or paper.

Mod Podge the front of the stickers or paper

Take the glass gems and place them, pressing lightly to secure them into place

I did cut plan circles and write on them, things such as No School, that is how I did the month letters in the top picture

Then flip them over and Mod Podge the back as well.

When dry, hot glue magnets to the back...I used larger ones because I wanted to be sure they didn't slip down my calendar as the year went on.

Enjoy and have fun!


Sandy Pence said...

Super cute! Thanks for sharing :)

Katie King said...

Yay Thank you! I just pinned something like this and now I know how to do it!

Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Amanda Ray said...

I love this idea!!

Mariely Sanchez said...

Where did you buy your materials?

Dandelions and Dragonflies said...

Pretty much everything except the board and stickers came from Hobby Lobby. I am pretty sure the stickers came from The Schoolbox and the dry erase board came from Office Depot or Office Max.

Thinking Win-Win in Third said...

Just started following you and love love love your blog! I'm new to the whole blogging thing, and I used this as one of my first inspirations. Still need to put pictures up. No worries, I gave you all the credit :)

Unknown said...
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Second Grade on Parade said...

I love these! I think I am going to use photos of my students to make them! We could use them for so many things! Then at the end of the year they could take them home as a souvenir from 2nd grade!

Jessica Heeren said...

Adorable! I'm definitely going to try this. What size of the circle hole punch did you buy? I have some glass stones, but I think they are smaller than the ones you used. The bigger ones look better! Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Heeren's Happenings